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Traveling to the historical Chyhyryn

Traveling to the historical Chyhyryn

Kostiantyn Yehorov
Customer Service Manager

Many pages of history are associated with the city of Chyhyryn. Here was situated the center of the Cossacks’ state: the first Ukrainian capital at the time of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi.

In 1648, under the Zamkova Hill there was the residence of the Great Hetman, where he had been ruling for almost 10 years. Having been destroyed by the Turks in 1678, today Bohdan Khmelnytskyi’s Residence has been restored. It is a famous historical and architectural landmark of Cherkasy region and the whole Ukraine.


What to see in Chyhyryn?

There are white buildings with red roofs and small windows on the territory of the complex. The center of the residence is the Hetman’s Palace. It is surrounded by the military office, treasury, Cossack guards’ hut and the entrance tower.

Although the residence was restored in modern times, it is indistinguishable from the original hetman’s mansion. Both exterior and interior reflect the times of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi. The complex is an example of Ukrainian Baroque. This style is characterized by bright colors, solemnity and originality of form. In the residence, you can also see antique items. Wandering around this place, you can imagine how Cossack petty officers used to live.

Many people come to Chyhyryn to “dive into” the past, strolling along the paths of the well-groomed courtyard among green bushes and bright flowers. The residence resembles a small town.


It is impossible to go by the Peter and Paul Church, which is located nearby the complex, and also not to climb the Zamkova Mountain to bow to the monument to Bohdan Khmelnytskyi. A huge memorial towers over the residence.

Those who are interested in the history and life of the Ruler should also visit Subotiv (7 km from Chyhyryn). This picturesque village was Khmelnytskyi’s family estate, which the hetman inherited from his father. The structure was surrounded by defensive ramparts and towers. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the Polish nobility. But now you can see the ruins of the estate, which is covered with a large pavilion.


In 1653 on Bohdan Khmelnytskyi’s order, the Church of St. Illia was built near the estate. Its silhouette is familiar to many by the reverse side of the 5 hryvnia bill. It is fascinating with its style, just like the residence. Here is where the Hetman was buried in 1657.

Chyhyryn is one of the main tourist centers of Ukraine and is definitely worth visiting. Despite the fact that Bohdan Khmelnytskyi’s residence is a reconstructed complex, it has a special atmosphere that has been preserved since the Cossack times! This trip will not leave indifferent those who believe that history is not enough to be learned from books – you have to see and feel it.

How to get to Chyhyryn?

You can get to Chyhyryn from Kiev by bus – directly or with an interchange in Cherkasy. The way is 250 kilometers long and will take just over 4 hours. But if you want to travel in comfort and control the route by yourself, the best choice is to rent a car from 7Cars. We have prepared for you a lot of cars of different brands and models in excellent technical condition.

The road to Chyhyryn from the capital city is in pretty good condition, so you can rent a regular sedan or a station wagon for such a trip. But if you are planning to drive from Dnipro or Poltava, we recommend you to rent a crossover or even a SUV, because there are some bad parts of the road.

Below we have picked for you several cars that will be perfect for such a trip. If you have any questions, please call our manager, and we will definitely help you.

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