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Rental of trucks and commercial vehicles

The need for a full-sized truck or a small van can arise for various reasons: both personal (transportation of furniture, household appliances, etc.), and related to business (transportation of goods for the needs of the company). Buying and servicing a roomy truck is not a cheap idea, which means it’s quite disadvantageous if you do not need such a transport every day. In this case, a truck rental service will help. You can order it at 7Cars.

Rental terms for freight vehicles

We offer car rental with or without a driver for individuals and legal entities, as well as for a short or long period.

Rental without a driver

To rent a truck without a driver, the tenant must:

  • present a driving license of a C category (for cars with a permissible maximum weight of more than 7500 kg) or C1 (if the permitted maximum weight of a car is from 3500 to 7500 kg);
  • to have an identity card (passport) and identification code;
  • be at least 25 years old and have 5 or more years of driving experience.

If the tenant is a legal entity, then it is necessary to provide the registration documents of the enterprise. After the conclusion of the contract, any employee of your company will be able to drive the car, but only those who meets the above requirements.

Rental with a driver

If you do not have the necessary category of driver’s license to drive the freight transport, you don’t have enough driving experience, or you just want to save yourself from unnecessary worries, you can always rent a truck with driver services. In this case, you will not be required to provide a driver’s license. All worries about refueling, car maintenance, and route selection will be undertaken by a qualified 7Cars driver.

Long-term rental of trucks

You can rent a truck in our company for a couple of days or for a long time: for businesses this often turns out to be more profitable than spending money on maintaining your own fleet. Moreover, the longer the rental period is, the lower the tariff for each day of using the machine will be.

What trucks and commercial vehicles do we provide?

For our customers we offer cars of various carrying capacities with different luggage compartment volumes, including cargo vans. You can book them by the phone numbers shown at the top of the page. Information on car models and prices are presented below.

Technical specifications

Car modelEngineTransmissionCargo compartment volumeMaximum carrying capacity
Renault Dokker Van1.5 л, diesel, 90 hpManual3300 l750 kg
Renault Master2.3 л, diesel, 125 hpManual12.3 m31.5 tons
Volkswagen Transporter KOMBI2.0 л, diesel, 140 hpManual9.3 m31.22 tons
Mercedes Atego 8154.25 л, diesel, 150 hpManual35 m36 tons

Rental rates for trucks without driver (in dollars per 1 day of rental)

Car1-3 days4-9 days10-29 days30+ daysDeposit
Renault Dokker Van60555045500
Renault Master958575651000
Volkswagen Transporter KOMBI958575651000
Mercedes Atego 8151009585751200

How to pay for a truck rental?

We accept payment in cash or in non-cash form: Visa, MasterCard or by transfer to our account (with or without VAT).

Please note that when you rent a truck, like any other transport, you will be required to leave a deposit. The amount of the deposit for each car model is shown in the table above. If you pay by a credit card, then the security deposit is blocked in your account. When you return a car, the blocking is removed.

Benefits of working with us

  • All 7Cars vehicles are in excellent condition: they regularly undergo inspection, preventive maintenance and repair. They are served to the client clean and fueled.
  • We provide round-the-clock support on the road: wherever you are, a manager will be in touch with you, always ready to answer questions of interest and provide the necessary assistance, including emergency cases.
  • You can book a truck in advance by phone, indicated at the top of the site. If necessary, we will also be able to provide a car at the address you need.

Need a consultation? Click on the button on the left to request a call back: our managers will help you!