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    1$ = 26.0 uah


    Izyumska str., 5А
    Airport "Lviv"
    Bazarna str., 51/53
    Airport "Dnipro"
    1$ = 26.0 uah
    from 8:00AM till 8:00PM
    Economy from 15$ to 45$
    Middle from 30$ to 70$
    Business от 43$ до 90$
    Premium from 85$ to 600$
    SUV from 36$ to 500$
    Minivan from 33$ to 280$
    Economy from 15$ to 45$
    Middle from 30$ to 70$
    Business от 43$ до 90$
    Premium from 85$ to 600$
    SUV from 36$ to 500$
    Minivan from 33$ to 280$

    Long term car rental

    Long term car rental in Kiev

    Заказ авто в Киеве в Автопрокате 7CARSAbout the possibility to rent a car for several hours or hire a driver with a personal car is known to everyone. But what if the car is needed for a week or two? Or do you want to try the capabilities of a particular brand before buying, after a long test drive? There is a way out – a long-term lease of a car in Kiev at an affordable price and with a minimum number of documents for clearance.

    What cars can I rent?

    Modern comfortable cars are presented in our fleet. Rent is made from a day and for an unlimited period depending on your desire. Applying to us, you can conduct a long test drive on the car from popular car concerns:

    Long-term rental car in Kiev will allow you to feel the comfort, ease of management, mobility and “delicious stuffing” of modern cars without buying them into ownership. The catalog presents brands from economy to business class, which allows you to choose the right option for everyone for your driving style.

    How to choose the right option for renting

    To cheaply and optimally choose for yourself a car for long-term use, you should answer a few questions:

    1. Choose a car for the city or off-road?
    2. What type of gearbox is preferred?
    3. For what purposes do you plan to use the car and what class of car do you need?
    4. How modern should the salon be? Are you planning to travel alone or with your family?
    5. Type of engine: gasoline, diesel or gas?
    6. Fuel consumption per km and speed of movement.

    Thinking over all the nuances, you choose the most suitable option for long-term lease of the car before buying or for an unforgettable vacation driving, riding the beauty of the surrounding cities.

    Choosing a luxury car, you can easily show off before relatives or friends, and renting a reliable model of economy class, long travel behind the wheel without buying a personal car.

    Our company will help to realize your automobile dreams!

    Advantages of a long term rental machine

    Coming to rest or work in Kiev, long-term lease of cars will be just in time, and such a service will be useful to those who want to determine the choice of vehicle before buying. Making an agreement for car rental from us, you will get the following advantages:

    With us, long-term car rental without a driver in Kiev has become closer, more accessible and faster. We offer cars, four-wheel drive SUVs and other variants of vehicles, taking into account the wishes of customers. For all questions please call or contact the online assistant on the site or call the numbers listed on the website.