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    berdyansk-2 Rest in Berdiansk: what to see, what to do and where to go

    The coronavirus has made its own adjustments in all areas of life. Including tourism, which was hit by the virus almost the hardest. Many countries are either closed due to the pandemic or do not allow tourists to come in. However, no one canceled the vacation, and children need to relax before school. Therefore, for […]

    Chigirin-2 Traveling to the historical Chyhyryn

    Many pages of history are associated with the city of Chyhyryn. Here was situated the center of the Cossacks’ state: the first Ukrainian capital at the time of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi. In 1648, under the Zamkova Hill there was the residence of the Great Hetman, where he had been ruling for almost 10 years. Having been […]

    sofiyivka-6 Sofiyivka: a love story immortalized in the park

    Love makes people do crazy things. It was this feeling that caused the emergence of many attractions, one of which is located in the center of Ukraine. In the town of Uman, which is located in 200 km from Kyiv, there is the Sofiyivka park, which was built by the tycoon Pototskyi for his wife […]

    zernoland What to see in Cherkasy region: “Zernoland”

    Are you looking for an exciting trip for your weekend? 7Cars recommends to pay attention to “Zernoland” – an educational tourist attraction in the south of the Cherkasy region, near the village of Ivkivtsi. The distance from Kyiv to Zernoland is about 250 km, and from Cherkassy – only 50 km. This place is perfect […]

    sambir-town-hall Unique provincial Sambir

    Just in 75 kilometers from the capital of Western Ukraine – Lviv – there is a small provincial town Sambir. Here the streets are narrow, there are no large squares, colorful houses are situated close to each other and decorate the city. We are sure that not even all Ukrainians know about the existence of […]

    pesochnoe-lake The Pearl of Volyn: Lake Pisochne

    We at 7Cars love to discover little-known tourist places in Ukraine, and this time we decided to share one of them with you. Lake Pisochne is part of the Shatski lakes group, which are located in the northwest of the Volyn region. Its location distinguishes it from other (such as Lake Svityaz) more popular holiday […]

    cave-ternopil Ternopil caves: report from the underground

    If you want to enjoy the view of the amazing and extremely ancient crystals, it is absolutely not necessary to travel far away. Ternopil region of Ukraine is full of deep underground labyrinths and gypsum caves. Most of them appeared millions of years ago as a result of natural processes. This happened in the same […]

    pyrohov-house A weekend in Vinnytsia by car: what to see first

    If you like to travel around Ukraine, but have not been to Vinnytsia yet, then we advise you to visit it. This city is not very big, but full of interesting places, which makes it great for a weekend trip. Here you can find both historical and architectural monuments and modern entertainment. What can you […]

    zhytomyr-region-nature Traveling around Zhytomyr region: 13 interesting facts

    Zhytomyr region is one of the largest in Ukraine, but it is not very popular among tourists. Most of them are sure that there are few attractions, so they prefer to visit more famous and popular tourist places. However, the truth is that Zhytomyr region has a lot of historical buildings, monuments and museums. Here […]