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    Airport "Dnipro"
    1$ = 24,3 uah
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    Kolor stitching | 3 pictures | Size: 12770 x 5226 | Lens: Standard | RMS: 2.66 | FOV: 63.90 x 26.15 ~ -4.47 | Projection: Spherical | Color: LDR | Interesting places in Western Ukraine. Where to go by rented car?

    For those who do not like lazy sunny beaches and sweet baklava, we offer a selection of wonderful places where you can go by rented car. Outdoor activities, fresh mountain air, fragrant forests and the clearest lakes – these are what every resident of the metropolis needs. Summer Carpathians are often mistakenly associated with a […]

    прокат авто для юрлица Car rental for companies in Ukraine

    Car rental for corporate clients in Ukraine is a great opportunity to use a good service without overpaying for the maintenance of their own fleet or ordering a taxi. Going on a business trip, organizing a work process, meeting partners at the train station or at the airport, planning courier services, and reducing the time […]

    how_to_save_on_car_rental How to save on car rental

    Self-planned trips with refusal of travel services are becoming more and more popular. It’s nice to feel completely free, having the ability to make decisions without taking group’s plans into account. However, public transport is not suitable for complete independence, and daily taxi rides can make you spend a huge amount of money. Therefore, many […]

    transfer_or_taxi Transfer or taxi to the airport: what is better?

    Transfer and taxi are the services similar in purpose, but completely different in content. In this article, we will try to find out how the transfer differs from a taxi, and which of these services will be more comfortable and reliable. Key differences Taxi transports passengers at the established tariff and is usually provided immediately […]

    1s What car to rent for a businessman: best business class cars

    Successful business means constant meetings, trips, bustle and lack of time. It is quite difficult to implement everything that is planned for the day in time, even for the most active people. Especially if a car is not always at hand. A trip to another city or a simple breakdown leaves you without a transport […]

    car_rental Carsharing or car rental: what to choose? Comparison of services

    The lack of own automobile transport for a modern person is not a problem anymore. The widespread use of rental services has led to the fact that drivers do not always think about purchasing their own car, preferring to use the services of renting a vehicle. Such a service is super convenient and saves a […]

    car_rental_without_experience Can you rent a car without driving experience?

    As soon as someone becomes a driver, getting the right to drive a car, he begins to dream of buying his own vehicle. And if it’s impossible to do it right away, many people think about renting a transport. The popularity of this service is growing, and you won’t find a driver who is against […]

    what_to_watch_in_lviv Interesting places of Lviv and its suburbs: what to see by car

    Many consider Lviv the most atmospheric and unique city in Ukraine. Each street, every house and building is an elegant combination of history and romance, mysticism and mystery, the memory of past years and the unique charm of time. The city of Leo leaves nobody indifferent. If you have been here at least once, you […]

    driving_in_ukraine Tips for driving a car in Ukraine

    If you are going to travel by car in Ukraine, then your trip will surely be pleasant and quite comfortable. Nevertheless, it is better to know about the nuances of the East European roads in advance. Many foreign travel agencies warn their costumers, who are going to spend their holidays in our country, about this. […]