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Interesting places in Kyiv: what is worth visiting in summer on a rented car?

Interesting places in Kyiv: what is worth visiting in summer on a rented car?

Yuliy Lechekhlib
Co-founder of the Company

Multifaceted, colorful, historical and at the same time very modern – all this is about Kyiv, the main city of our country. Full of sights and interesting places, it is a real magnet for tourists coming to the capital from all over Ukraine and nearby countries. Although for local residents there will always be a place that they will visit for the first time or will gladly return there again and again.

Asking what can be seen in Kyiv, everyone wants to choose the most interesting and convenient object by location. Landmark, which is easy to reach by public transport. Thus, Kyiv’s interesting places for walking, away from the well-known tourist routes, are unfairly ignored or are available only to car owners. But even if you do not own a car yet, you can always use the service of our company and rent a vehicle at an affordable price.

Cultural attractions: where a tourist should go

Getting to the capital, many are lost in the choice of what to visit firstly. The city, which has a history of 1,500 years, is rich in temples, museums and theaters. The proximity of some of them to the metro lines allows you to easily move from one cultural monument to another, but a personal car will give you complete independence and endless horizons.


A great option for an entertaining holiday, the easiest way to get this place is by car. The village is located just in 15 kilometers from the center of Kyiv, but, getting here, you can easily forget not only about the distance, but also about time. This is an amazing place for visiting to wander among the old village huts, look through the windows and feel part of Ukrainian history. It is especially interesting here at the weekend, when there is an opportunity not only to take beautiful photos, but also to dance with the Cossacks on the Singing Field or buy souvenirs from talented Ukrainian masters. Taking into account, that the houses here are collected from all regions of our country, for a few hours of walking you will see the rural life of Podolia, and Transcarpathia as well. Sports lovers can rent bicycles to travel around the museum.


“Kyivan Rus Park”

The village of Kopachov, where you can see the park, is located in 57 km from Kyiv. The absence of your own vehicle is not a reason to deny the pleasure of getting to Ancient Kyiv of the fifth century: you can rent a car and in a few minutes arrange your complete freedom of movement. Every weekend in the park are held folk festivals, where you can archery, ride horses, take part in tournaments. The masters’ fair, the cave and the ambassadorial church, the wooden fortified walls and the princely court – if you want to see everything, better to come here for the whole day.


What is worth seeing for family and children?

Trukhanov Island

Having your own or rented transport will allow you to comfortably get to Trukhanov Island. A huge area, located behind the Dnieper “in the care of” St. Vladimir, is named after the Polovtsian Khan Tugorkhan, who built a house for his beloved wife here. In the middle of the last century, a pedestrian bridge was erected across the Dnieper to the island, which became another attraction. This is a great place for a family holiday on a river with a clean beach and beautiful nature.


Kyiv Zoo

None of family trips to the capital will not be spent without visiting the zoo. Moreover, over the past few years, repairs have been carried out here to improve the lives of animals and create amenities for visitors. Lakes with rocks and waterfalls for pelicans, a fifteen meter high sculpture of a giraffe at the entrance – this is only the beginning of large-scale rearrangements of the capital’s zoo. And in order for the trip to be pleasant and not burdensome in all respects, it is better to go to the meeting with the animals by car. Comfortable parking near the zoo and online purchase of tickets will make your trip more convenient.


Interesting places in Kiev for young people

Youth loves freedom, does not tolerate restrictions, and therefore enjoys all the forbidden and secret.

Zhukov Island

Located in Holosiivsky district of Kyiv, the island can boast of an unfinished tunnel of Stalin’s times, as well as one of the oldest oaks in Ukraine. You can get here by shuttle bus from Lev Tolstoy Square, but it is much more convenient to go by car. A secluded place that has gathered rare plant species on its territory successfully combines not only the beauty of nature, but also the mysteriousness of history.

Track for Champions

At the Kyiv Sea, not far from the hydroelectric power station, there is an abandoned training base for Olympians in tobogganing sports. Time here seemed to stop, forever preserving the memory of the athletes of the USSR. Rotten tracks overgrown with grass bear the imprint of the inexorable passage of time. It’s a great place for reflection and walking, which can be reached by taxi from “Heroiv Dnipra” subway station or by car.

In Kyiv, you can easily find entertainment for every taste and age. And no matter how much time you have already spent exploring its sights, it will always seem that a couple of days are still not enough…

The best cars for traveling around Kyiv

Here you can see the selection of cars from our fleet, with which you will feel comfortable on the roads of our capital. You can reserve any of these cars for rent by clicking on the "Quick Order" button or by calling us at the numbers shown above. See more car models in our catalog.

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