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Not only the Carpathians: where to go in Ukraine in winter

Not only the Carpathians: where to go in Ukraine in winter

Dmytro Kostenetskyi
Deputy Director

The snow, like a magic blanket, makes everything clean and bright. The time when the earth is covered with this incredible white fluff has finally come. It has brought the desire to get ourselves warm with tea, fire and fun, to dive into new impressions and cheerful emotions. The best way to discover Ukraine in winter and to look at the country from an unexpected side is to travel around it! To swim in hot springs, to test your bravery in extreme sports, to drink mineral water in Morshyn – it is much easier to do all of these things than it seems at first sight. It is enough to gather a pleasant company, decide on the route and sit in a car. It is not a problem if you do not have your own vehicles yet. You can always rent a car to get maximum freedom and enjoyment from your winter trip. So where can you go in Ukraine for winter holidays? Our article will help you to make the right choice.

Active leisure

There are many attractions and unique objects in our country that are popular far beyond its borders. However, just ski resorts can boast of high demand among both beginners and professionals in Ukraine and the near abroad. Each resort has its own features.



The most popular ski resort in the Carpathians is a perfect combination of modern comfort and primal extreme. More than 60 slopes of varying complexity, reliable modern equipment, reasonable prices and well-developed infrastructure annually attract thousands of tourists. Skiing, sledding and snowboarding combined with first-class service and incredible views will make your rest unforgettable.



Enjoy the breathtaking views and teach the youngest skiers to be confident in this sport from late November to early May in Drahobrat. The slopes of Stih Mountain, 1707 m of high, are a combination of challenging sections for true professional sportsmen and more simple sections for beginners. A distinctive feature of the resort is the availability of suits and ski equipment for even two-year-old sportsmen.


The picturesque island of pristine nature seems to be created for peaceful contemplation and being alone with your thoughts. Calm pace of life in the village also reflects the popular winter entertainment – horse riding. Riding on sparkling snow gives a charge of energy and like a real time machine allows you to dive into the romance of the past. But even here, fans of freedom and speed can find an entertainment they would enjoy – cross-country skiing on quad bikes, paintball game, and skiing from the training slope on the most famous sports base for training national teams.



Photo by Анна Малищук, license CC BY-SA 4.0. Photo cropped

The popular resort of Ivano-Frankivsk region boasts several slopes of varying complexity, each of which is equipped with comfortable lifts.



Photo by Igor Luzhanov, license CC BY-SA 3.0. Photo cropped

If you have a car at your disposal, you should definitely include this small village in your route through Carpathians. The tourist routes to the Vyshkivskyi Horhan Mountains and to one of the most mystical places in Ukraine – Lake Synevir – start here.

Leasure and recovery

If you are going to improve your health, there are several places with thermal springs in Ukraine.


Thermal springs are a perfect option for those who cannot imagine their winter holidays without swimming. Pure water with high content of useful elements is suitable for everybody who has problems with the cardiovascular system or digestive tract. First-class service, high-tech equipment and comfortable facilities make the resort popular not only in Ukraine, but also in neighboring Hungary.



Photo by Oliana Fedosenko, license CC BY 3.0. Photo cropped

This is another resort that has become famous for its development in the world of ecotourism. This authentic village is as close as possible to nature and ordinary country life, where all the problems of a noisy metropolis seem to be frivolous. Calmness and quietness are considered to be the main advantages of this territory. Guests here go skiing and sledding, horse sledding, walking a lot, and rebalance their inner world.

Kherson Region Geyser

Not far from Zaliznyi Port there is the village of Bekhtery, where the hot spring with salutary effects is especially popular. If you follow the recommendations to visit the spring, you can significantly improve the work of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory tract and nervous system. The high content of minerals, bromine, boron and iodine in the water colors it in red, helping the body to restore iodine balance in the body and improve metabolic processes.

Spiritual leisure

Religious holy places located in Ukraine can be visited at any time of the year. Winter is not an exception, because among the snow-white natural splendor, the symbolism of religion is perceived to be even more spiritual, acquiring the meaning of true faith.

St. Anna’s Lake

The Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra located in the village of Onyshkivtsi, Rivne region, is famous for its holy baths. Even in the most freezing cold, the water here does not freeze and the temperature is rarely below five degrees. Thousands of people come to Onyshkivtsi for healing.

Relics of St. Valentine


Photo by Борис Мавлютов, license CC BY-SA 3.0. Photo cropped

The relics of well-known St. Valentine have been stored on the territory of our country for over 250 years. Valentine helped people to be together and gave the name to the holiday of all lovers. Every year on February 14, when the relics of the Saint are taken out for worship, hundreds of people ask Valentine to make their heart’s desire come true – to find true love.

Ethnic leisure

This is a great trip for everyone whose favorite school subject was history, as well as for those who prefer to spend their holidays with benefit for their development.



Photo by Іван Биков, license CC BY-SA 4.0. Photo cropped

This open-air museum complex has gathered on its territory a huge number of temples, houses, mills, and copies for a real ethnographic museum. The village is literally full of architectural monuments, several of which are a real repository of household items of the Ukrainian people. Locations of several Ukrainian regions are collected here, so if you visit a local tour you can get more knowledge about the history of your own country than after finishing the entire school curriculum.


A small island in the city of Zaporizhia is famous for its excellently recreated historical and cultural complex Zaporizka Sich. All the buildings of the complex are built of wood, surrounded by a deep moat and a fortification in the form of a wooden picket fence. When you come on the territory of the Sich, you involuntarily dive into the life of the Cossacks, feeling their love of freedom, courage and fearlessness.

Everything in one ride

But if you prefer to explore the most picturesque cities of Ukraine during your trip, then you should definitely visit Lviv, Odesa and Chernivtsi.



Chernivtsi’s unique architecture is very similar to the European one, that’s why the city called the Ukrainian Paris. Nevertheless, it retains a special Ukrainian flavor. Children will like the trip very much, because all the attractions of Chernivtsi can be found thanks to the hedgehogs pictures on the asphalt containing a QR code, reading which you will receive comprehensive information about a particular location. To find these funny pointers is not difficult. The first one is located near the Central Town Hall.



This city can surprise its guests at any time of the year: interesting places of Odessa attract tourists not only in summer. Fascinating excursions, interesting buildings, welcoming residents and of course the majestic Black Sea will not remain anyone indifferent.



Every traveler falls in love with this mystical city with an indescribable romantic atmosphere, and it remains in his heart forever. It begins to seem that time has stopped somewhere in the century before last, when you walk along the narrow streets paved with cobblestones and see all the attractions of Lviv.

100% rest

Renting a car, you do not need to be limited to visiting only one of the places described. It is high time to create an exciting travel program on your own unique route. You can combine outdoor activities with visits to ethnic museums or improve your health at the springs, and then continue your trip to another interesting Ukrainian places.

The best cars for winter trips around Ukraine

Winter is not the easiest time for drivers. When renting a car at this time of the year, it is better to choose reliable models with good cross-country ability and all-wheel drive. We have selected such cars for you below. Also we advise you to look at our SUV rental catalog.

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