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7Cars company provides high-quality services for each customer. All cars are well-maintained and in case of a car failure, a quick replacement of the vehicle is implemented. We have all the necessary documents and permits, as well as a license for transportation.

Free delivery to the client

Renting a car for a 4 days period or more, a client gets one free vehicle transfer to choose: car delivery or car receiving (provided within the city during working hours). If you rent a car for 7 days or more, you get one free transfer to the Boryspil Aiport (during working hours). We guarantee fast delivery of a car of any class. You can find different vehicle models in our car park:

  • Economy class;
  • Middle class;
  • Business class;
  • Premium class;
  • Crossovers;
  • Minivans;
  • Buses.

Our employees will deliver a vehicle to a client exactly on that time, which is mentioned in the agreement. Our copmany consists of only qualified staff. Assistance always comes to the rescue if any difficulties on the road occur and will help to solve a problem as soon as possible. The company employs a mechanic who every day inspects all the vehicles and timely eliminates any breakdowns when necessary.

Terms of payment

  • Company services must be paid before you start using a car. If you need to extend the rental period, payment is also made in advance.
  • Rental rates and service prices are indicated in US dollars.
  • Car rental payment is charged from the moment the client actually receives the vehicle.
  • To avoid disputable situations, before handing over the vehicle, an employee of the company takes photoes of the car body and its salon and then makes an inventory of the existing damages, which are added to the Act of delivery/acceptance.
  • All cars have a standard equipment. However, in case of advance ordering, we can provide some additional parts. You can find more information on the Delivery and payment page.

Deposit refund policy

We provide maximum comfort to the client while he uses a car, as well as convenient payment system. Ordering our service, you must first pay a deposit. All refund conditions of the sum are detailed in the rental agreement. If a customer performs all the rental rules, the deposit will be returned to him immediately after a car is handed over to our staff. If the deposit has been paid by card, we will remove the funds blocking and giva a relevant check.