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Car rental as a service is becoming increasingly popular in our country. People want to travel, appreciate the mobility and comfort. The car has always been a “trusted friend” in various life situations. Our customers use the car rental service both for personal (leisure, family trips, traveling by car) and for business purposes (the car as a mean of increasing the productivity of the employee and/or manager). It has certain advantages: for example, there is no need to spend money on maintaining your own car, to think of where to serve, park, insure it, and to incur regular overhead costs. It is more rational to use a car at the time and place where and when it is really needed. Transport and all the services are fully outsourced by our company. There is another benefit for legal persons – taxation optimization, because the prices on our website already include VAT. Those companies, which do not want to include drivers in staff, are offered the service of car rental with a driver.

Popular questions about a car rental (limitations and risks for the customer)

1. What is a rental franchise and why do I have to leave a deposit for a car?

The franchise for a car is a security deposit, within which the customer, regardless of his fault, is responsible in case of an accident or any other damage. Deposit amount can be checked on the company website, in the car catalogue. A client leaves a deposit to cover possible minor damages that may appear during rental process (something that is not covered by the insurance company). Compensation for fuel shortage may also be withheld from the deposit when a car is returned, or an extra charge for one day of rental extension. You can learn more about the deposit here.

2. What happens if the car is damaged?

In case of car damage, the customer should be charged the amount for refurbishment, but not more than the amount of a security deposit. The delivery and acceptance certificate indicates the prices for any damage to the car. For example, a bumper scratch will be estimated, depending on the car class, from 100 USD to 150 USD (which is equal to the cost of repairs at any service station in Ukraine). If a scratch can be removed by polishing, such damage is estimated for 10-20 USD.

3. May I reduce the amount of deposit?

Yes, there is such an option. You can reduce the amount of the deposit and, therefore, your liability up to five times. For doing this, you must buy an additional insurance. For example, for an economy class car, when you rent it from 3 to 15 days, the additional insurance will cost 9 USD per day. The liability is limited to 60 USD. This service is provided when a car is rented for more than three days.

4. In what form can I leave a deposit and make a payment?

You can do it by cash, using your Visa card, MasterCard (the deposit is frozen on the customer’s account), or by cashless transfer to our bank account (we work with and without VAT, the price does not change). The deposit amount is specified in the rental documents and delivery and acceptance certificate.

5. When and in what form will I get my deposit back?

The deposit paid in cash will be refunded immediately, when you return the car (regardless of the place of returning). When the funds are frozen on the customer’s card, manager will provide a confirmation check of cancellation of such transaction. However, in this case, the funds may be displayed on the account not immediately, but within 30 days.

6. May I take a car in Kyiv and return it in another city?

Yes, there is such an option. This service is available for a fee and if you rent a car at least for 3 days. The cost is 30 USD and higher, depending on the remoteness of the city of return and car class. Sometimes we hold special offers and allow returning a car to some of our branch offices for free.

7. What happens if a car breaks down on the way?

We pledge to provide technical assistance to the customer or a fast repair (if possible). If the repair requires a lot of time, we provide a customer with a replacement vehicle of at least class.

8. What happens if I drive over the mileage limit?

When you return a car, a manager will calculate the excessive mileage cost and deduct this amount from the deposit. The mileage limit is 350 km per day, but it is counted for the entire rental period (e.g. 1,050 km for 3 days). The cost of each 10 km of the excessive mileage is 1 USD for economy class, 1,5 USD for middle class cars, 2 USD for business class and SUVs, and 2,5 USD for VIP cars.

9. What happens if I return the car before the deadline?

In case of an early return, the company reserves the right to recalculate the price for a rental day, according to the price list, or to retain 30% of the balance of paid but unused days. The difference will be refunded.

10. May I give a car to a third party?

Giving a car to a third party without first informing us is prohibited. We can add several additional drivers into the rental agreement for free, if you show us their driver’s licenses when taking a car.

11. May I return a dirty car?

All vehicles provided for rental are clean and with a full tank. We appreciate our customers’ time and do not require washing a car after rental. The customer only needs to fill it up to a full tank and arrive on time for return. There may be exceptions if the car cannot be visually inspected for new defects. In this case, the manager has the right to hold the amount of the deposit until the car is washed.

12. What are the restrictions on the use of a rented car?

Smoking inside a car, violation of traffic rules (including the speed mode), improper use of a car (as a taxi, or for a sports event), giving to the third parties without our awareness, as well as independent car repair is prohibited.