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Rent a car in Dnipro

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Addresses of delivery / return of the car in Dnipro

  • Central Railway Station (Vokzalna Square, 11)
  • "7cars" office (Airport "Dnipro")
  • Delivery to Zaporizhia
  • Delivery / return to your location in Dnipro and region

Car rental conditions

The 7Cars representative office in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) is ready to offer several ways of car rental, among which you can easily choose the right one.

Rent a car without a driver

You get the car in a full control for the rental period. To hire a car without a driver, you must match these requirements:

  • be at least 21 years old and have a driving experience of 2 years (for renting economy, standard and business class cars);
  • to be older than 25 and to have a driving experience from 5 years, if you want to rent a premium car (BMW X6, Land Rover Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz S600,etc.)

Furthermore, you need the following documents:

  1. Identity card (passport of a citizen of Ukraine, foreign passport or a temporary residence permit in Ukraine);
  2. B category driving license;
  3. Identification code.

If all the conditions are met, you will only have to contribute the payment and deposit – in cash or by a card. We will issue a rental agreement as soon as possible.

Cars in Dnipro can be reserved in advance: by phone located at the top of the site or online, going to the page of the model you are interested in.

Every car model in our fleet is insured and receives regular maintenance. We provide our customers 24/7 telephone support during the whole rental time.

Long term rental

In our company, you can rent a car in Dnipro for a long time. In this case, the rental day will cost you much less than a short-term rental. Extra bonus is a free car delivery to your address.

Besides, some 7Cars auto models can be rented with a buyout right: after making an appropriate agreement, you will use a car and make monthly payments. When you pay the full amount, you become a car owner. The main conditions are to match the same requirements as for renting a premium car without a driver, and to make an advance payment – 30% of the car price.

Car rental in Dnipro

Rent a car without deposit

Car rental deposit in our company is obligatory. However, if the standard fee for you is too high, you can reduce its amount to 5 times. For doing this, order an additional insurance. This service reduces your financial responsibility for a car during the rental: in case of damaging a car, compliancing with the terms of the contract, you pay only the deposit amount regardless of the damage.

Rent a car with driver

With this way of renting you will not need a driver’s license or other supporting documents: just call or fill in the online order form for the car you like. This service will suit:

  • those who do not have sufficient driving experience;
  • business people with a busy schedule – for business trips;
  • those who wish to organize a tour or a celebratory event.

Rental prices in Dnipro

The price for a rental car in Dnipro can be counted:

  • daily – for renting without a driver;
  • for an each rental hour – for a trip with a driver in the city;
  • for an each kilometer of run – traveling with a driver to any part of Ukraine.

The tariffs for each rental type depend on the car class and model.

If you rent a car without a driver, then in addition to the cost, you will also need to pay for the fuel. The table below shows the actual average prices of various types of fuel at Dnipro gas stations.

Average prices on gas stations on 05.07.2022 (Dnipro)

Average price (UAH) 49.5052.0050.6049.7525.4056.6658.0039.65

Rent a car in Dnipro

The purpose of renting a car

There are many situations in which a rented car will help you out. For example, the purposes could be following:

  • a business trip in Dnipro or to any city in Ukraine;
  • a tourist trip on vacation or for a weekend: Khortitsa, Samara, the Salty Liman or the Black and Azov Sea voyage;
  • excursion to museums, parks and other Dnipro’s attractions (you can take a minibus or bus);
  • wedding or other celebration;
  • airport transfer;
  • replacement vehicle instead of your personal one – for example, if it is under repair.

The purpose for which you rent a car should be considered when choosing a class and model:

  • if you want to go outside the city, a SUV will be useful. At the same time, it may be inconvenient to move around in a city by such a big car;
  • choose a minivan, if you count on the number of passengers more than 4;
  • if you want to take a lot of luggage with you, then pay attention to the size of the luggage compartment indicated in the car description.


  • Planning a trip by car in Dnipro, pay attention to the traffic jams. Mostly they arise in the city center: embankment, Central Bridge, Yavornytsky Avenue, Shevchenko Street, Starokozatsky, etc. Moreover, some areas in Dnipro may be completely blocked for traffic. Therefore, it is important to check the traffic congestion information online before leaving.
  • The road surface on the main streets of the Dnipro is in good condition. However, moving to smaller streets or driving outside the city, you may encounter not so good quality roads. Drive carefully, especially at night!

Any questions? Request a callback using the button on the left. 7Cars experts are always glad to help you!

Available car brands

FAQ about car rental

What time can I rent a car?

Our offices in Dnipro and other cities work from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. (on Sunday – from 10 to 17). However, dy preliminary agreement, you can get a car even after working hours. In this case, the cost the service will be $ 15.

Is it possible to rent a car with a child seat?

If you need one or more child seats in a car, just notify our manager while pre-ordering: in this case, the option will be provided for free!

Can several people drive a rented car?

Yes, we can add one or more additional drivers into the rental agreement for free. The main condition is to provide a driver’s license for each of those who will drive a car.

What to do if I got into an accident on a rented car?

Do not panic! Be sure to inform us about the accident by calling us within 30 minutes: we will promptly notify the insurance company and resolve the situation. You are responsible for the car only within the deposit you leave.