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Car rental without deposit

Car rental services in Ukraine are becoming more and more popular. Short-term deposit-free car rental in Kyiv is a convenient service suiting both the city residents and guests, allows them to use a modern and comfortable vehicle on advantageous conditions. A security deposit made by a client is meant to compensate for the company’s expenses on repairing the vehicle in case of any damages.

Would like to rent a car without deposit? Contact us by the phone number:
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The deposit sum is determined by the class of the auto you rent and varies between $300 and $3500. The client gets this amount of money back if the rented car has not been damaged. On the other hand, the deposit significantly reduces risks for both parties of the agreement.

Deposit-free car rental in Kyiv as a good way to reduce your expenses

For those clients who do not want to leave such an amount of money and/or are not able to leave it as deposit, we offer the “car rental without deposit” service. To use it, you need to buy extra insurance. When this insurance is applied, the deposit becomes five times lower. This means that the client’s responsibility is five times lower too. Moreover, a lessee does not pay any extra penalties in case of a car theft or its total destruction (usually, this is 10% of a car cost). The primary requirement with an extra insurance is timely informing us about the accident within 30 minutes, calling police and following our guidelines.

The tenant is exempt from the need to compensate for the damage if he or she strictly complies with the terms of the agreement. It is the tenant’s responsibility to immediately call the police and the insurance inspector, as well as to notify the company of the accident. You can do it any time by contacting our call center.

Possible reduction of a deposit amount

Our company offers favorable conditions for renting a car in the capital city of Ukraine. Our cheap deposit-free car rental in Kyiv involves buying an extra insurance. This allows to reduce the car’s franchise amount of any class by several times. The insurance works for the following:

  • damage to the provided vehicle during a traffic accident;
  • tiny paint damages and a car body deformations;
  • windshield cracks and chips;
  • there are no penalties for serious car damage or theft.

Our company offers deposit-free car rental accompanied by an extra insurance only when these requirements are met.

  1. The client is 25 years old or older and has at least 5-year experience of driving this class of cars.
  2. Our company and police are informed about the accident within 30 minutes after it has occurred.
  3. The car must be driven by a lessee (the person specified in the rental agreement).

The extra insurance is available only for rent periods longer than three days. The deposit-free auto rental in Kyiv is available for all Ukraine citizens and foreign guests with a valid driving permission and meeting the abovementioned requirements.

Specifics of an extra insurance of a rented car

Signing our car rental agreement, read it carefully and ask our manager for explanations if it is necessary. This will allow you to avoid any misunderstanding. It is important to remember that additional insurance does not cover risks in the following circumstances.

  • Losing or theft of wipers
  • Damages of wheels, tires or hubcaps
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Using the provided car for the purposes of racing (street racing), sports events or other applications which are not permitted by the agreement
  • Cabin staining, which requires the chemical cleaning
  • Damage to the engine, driveline, undercarriage or suspension due to the customer’s fault

Deposit-free auto rental with an extra insurance is an optimum solution that saves you a lot of money. Please, contact our staff for more advising on the rent agreement details and actual rates.