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Car rental in Chernivtsi

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Addresses of delivery / return of the car in Chernivtsi

  • Central Railway Station (Gagarin st., 38)
  • Bus Station (Holovna st., 219)
  • Airport (Chkalov st., 30)
  • Delivery / return to your location in Chernivtsi and region

Car rental conditions

7Cars offers various types of car rental in Chernivtsi. You can make a choice depending on what purpose you need a car for. All cars of our fleet are in excellent condition: they undergo regular maintenance, are served clean and with a full tank to the client.

Car rental in Chernivtsi without a driver

You can rent a car in Chernivtsi without a driver if you have a driver’s license of a “B” category, and also meet the following requirements:

  • driving experience of 2 years and at least 21 years old for economy, middle or business class cars;
  • driving experience of 5 years and at least 25 years old for premium cars (such as Mercedes-Benz S350 or Toyota Land Cruiser).

Also, the tenant is required to provide an identity card (passport of a citizen of Ukraine, a foreign passport or a temporary residence permit in Ukraine) and an identification code.

You can book your car in advance by phone or directly on our site by filling out the form on the car page. Renting a car without a driver, you will have round-the-clock support from the 7Cars manager: in telephone mode, he will help you to solve any problems that arise during the way. We accept payment both in cash and non-cash.

A car can be rented for various terms: from 1 day to several months or more; the longer the term, the lower the price for each rental day. And if you want not only to use the vehicle for a long time, but also to buy it later, then you can conclude a rent with the right to purchase. In this case, payment is made monthly, and after payment of the required amount, you become the owner of the car.

Car rental with driver

If you do not have a driver’s license or don’t have enough driving experience, you don’t know the city well or you need to go on a business trip with a busy schedule, we recommend renting a car with the services of an experienced driver. He will take all the cares of choosing a route and refueling the car, and you just have to enjoy the trip.

Car rental for a wedding

Organization of a wedding is one of the most common goals of car rental in Chernivtsi. The 7Cars fleet has everything for an unforgettable celebration: from inexpensive but stylish middle-class cars to legendary sports cars and SUVs that will impress anyone. And our managers will always help you to choose a wedding car that will fit perfectly into the style of your holiday. If you wait for a lot of guests, then we can offer a roomy bus.

Car rental purposes

Reasons for renting a car are not limited to weddings or anniversaries. Here are a few more situations where a rental car will be just right:

  • meeting important guests, a business trip around Ukraine or abroad;
  • a trip to the Carpathians, Lviv, Kyiv or any other place of our country;
  • organization of excursions for city guests or schoolchildren to the numerous sights of Chernivtsi – cathedrals, museums, theaters;
  • conducting a test drive before buying a new car or replacing an old one if it requires long-term repair.


  • Chernivtsi is far from the largest of the regional centers of Ukraine, but traffic jams are also possible here. You should beware while planning to move along some large streets: Ruska, Golovna, Heroes of the Maidan – as well as in the city center. In other parts of Chernivtsi, the traffic is usually more calm.
  • During the trip, keep in mind that in many streets of the city, especially adjacent to the center, pavers are preserved. Use these sections of the road with caution.
  • In Chernivtsi there are quite a few problematic roads that require repair. Recently, this problem has been actively solved. However, this can lead to another nuisance for drivers: during the repair, certain sections of the streets are closed for traffic. Clarify this information before driving there.

Still have questions? Use the button on the left to request a call back. The specialists of 7Cars are always happy to help you!

Available car brands

FAQ about car rental

Can I order a car delivery at my address?

Yes, it is possible. You will be required to order a car in advance and pay the cost of its delivery. Clarify the price with our manager: it depends on the distance to the nearest 7Cars office.

Do you have special deals for car rental?

We have special deals for pre-booking, car delivery, ordering additional equipment, as well as for individual car models. A complete list of special offers is available on this page.

Can I rent a car with a driver’s license of another country?

If your driver’s license is issued by a country that has signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (Ukraine is a party of this), we can provide you with a rental car. For the legal car driving in our country you additionally need to have an international driver’s license.

What are the restrictions on using a car?

7Cars rented vehicles cannot be used as a taxi. It’s also prohibited to participate in sports competitions, as well as to transfer it to the third parties. Repair is prohibited too (we take care of it). In addition, smoking is prohibited in the car.