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Rent a car for a day

Car rental for a day is a convenient service from 7Cars, one of the leaders on the Ukrainian car rental market. We appreciate the comfort of our customers, so we offer to rent a vehicle from 1 day to any time you need. Our representative offices operate in Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa and Lviv.

Terms of car rental for one day

Many rental services refuse to give a car to customers for one day, arguing that this service is unprofitable: it does not cover the possible losses that the company may incur due to the reservation of the car. The minimum rental time in such companies starts from 2 days.

However, we found a solution to this problem. For car rental for 1 day, we offer special requirements that allow us to continue to please the customers with the excellent service, even for such a short time.

The conditions for renting a car for a day in our company are the following:

  • when renting a car for one day, a factor of 1.25 is applied to the fare (that is, the price will be 25% higher than the standard one);
  • reception of a car for a one-day rental occur only during working hours from 9:30 to 18:00;
  • cars for one day are given only from Monday to Thursday. On the other days the minimum order is for two days;
  • reservation for a one day car rental is accepted one day before the rental date;
  • the reservation does not work with a specific model, but only with the class of car (economy, middle, business, premium, minivan or SUV). You can see the catalogs of models of these classes by clicking on the links at the top of the site;
  • booking confirmation is given only after receiving scans (photos) of the tenant’s documents by e-mail (info@7cars.com.ua).

How to order a car for a day?

Car booking is carried out online or by phone as indicated on the website. You can also order a callback by clicking on the button on the left, or write an e-mail to info@7cars.com.ua.

For informing customers and providing advice, call-center employees work 24 hours. The company’s consultants will be happy to help you to choose a model based on your preferences. Rent payment is accepted in cash, as well as with MasterCard or Visa cards.

 The benefits of working with us

  • Democratic prices.
  • Loyal requirements for documentation.
  • CASCO and OSAGO insurance.
  • A wide range of cars: we offer models of various brands and classes for rent (for example, low-cost economy-class cars or SUVs).
  • Guaranteed technical serviceability of vehicles: they all undergo regular maintenance.
  • Quick replacement of a car in case of breakage.
  • Ability to pay additional insurance to increase the level of client protection during the term of the contract.

Why rent a car for one day

Many residents of large cities today refuse to buy a car, so as not to burden themselves with the cost of its maintenance. If you need personal transport far from every day, then car rental is a rational way to solve the problem of getting around the city. Cooperation with us will allow you to achieve your goals in a metropolis and maintain mobility at an important moment for you.

You may need a car for a day to go to a business meeting or arrange a romantic evening for a loved one. Tourists often use our fleet to get acquainted with all the main attractions of the capital in a short time.

Moreover, car rental for the day can be an excellent choice if you want to hold a tour for city guests or to spend happy time outside the city with your family. In this case, we advise you to pay attention to the rental of minivans, minibuses or buses.