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    1$ = 26.3 uah


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    Airport "Lviv"
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    1$ = 26.3 uah
    from 8 AM till 8 PM

    Conditions of a car rental without a driver

    7Cars offers car rental in Ukraine on terms favorable for our clients. Take advantage of this proposal to avoid the need to pay for repairs and insurance as well as to worry about technical inspection and maintenance.

    Car Rental Details

    Car rental regulations in Ukraine require the following documents:

    1. an ID;
    2. driver’s license;
    3. taxpayer identification number;
    4. additional documents.

    You can pay for acar rental with cash or a credit card. The service is available to drivers whose driving experience is already 2 years or more. To rent luxury vehicles your driving experience must be at least 5 years. A name bank card can be provided as an additional document. Rent is possible only for people who have reached full age.

    You can book a specific car model by calling the number provided on our website. To order the service, a client has to contact our manager to discuss terms of cooperation. You can check our online catalogue on the website to select a vehicle. The navigation functionality allows searching by specific characteristics and customer requests.

    The service should be paid before the rental period starts. If necessary, you can extend the rental period of the vehicle at any time. To use the service, the client must pay its full cost and a deposit, which is returned when the vehicle is returned.

    In case of any unscheduled situations (traffic accident, damage, theft, car breakdown, etc.), the client must immediately notify the lessor (within 30 minutes) about such an incident to the hotline number: +38 (067) 521 78 77.

    The price for car rental without a driver is presented in the catalogue on our website. You can check the price of the service with a representative of 7Cars.

    What Is Additional Insurance?

    The terms and conditions of additional insurance for renting a car provide for maximum risk reduction for the customer. Paying for the given service, the client gives the sum of the insurance deposit reduced in 5 times within which he/she is responsible for the period of renting a car. The price depends on the specific car model and the rental period.

    Tariffs and Payments

    • Rental tariffs are the following: economy class – $1 per 10km, medium class – $1.5 per 10km, business class and off-road (SUV, engine volume less than 2.5l) – $2 per 10km, premium class and off-road (engine volume more than 2.5l) – $2.5 to $10.0 per 10km. Also you can order “unlimited mileage” – ask our manager about this.
    • Car delivery outside of working hours (i. e. between 8 PM and 8 AM and on national holidays) – $15.
    • Car delivery/picking up in Kyiv (including Kyiv airport and railway station) – $20 (one free transfer for rental periods 4 or more days long).
    • Car delivery/picking up in Boryspil airport – $30 (one free transfer for rental periods 7 or more days long).
    • Car delivery/picking up in another city – $50-$300, depends on the distance from Kyiv and the car class.
    • Car delivery/picking up in Kyiv region – $30 + (kilometer count from the city boundary * $0.7)

    We provide prompt processing of your request, considering all the costumers’ wishes and guarantee a 100% supply of cars. Great service and reasonable prices – this is the daily work of 7Cars !

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