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    Rent a car without a driver

    Conditions of Car Rental (Kyiv)
    To rent a car in Kyiv, you need:

    • Passport. Rent of a car without a driver is only possible if you are 21 years old. A car of business and executive class can be rent on reaching the age of 25.
    • The identification code – for citizens of Ukraine.
    • Driver’s license (valid on the territory of Ukraine). To rent a car in Kyiv, your driving experience must be at least 2 years. If you rent a car of business and executive class – it is 5 years. In some cases, you may need an international driver’s license (as an extra to the main driver’s license).
    • Mortgaging sum. We accept both cash and pay with credit cards of Visa and Master Card (freezing of funds on the client’s card).
    • In addition, the manager may ask for more identity documents. For example: a nominal bank card, passport, etc.
    Conditions of Car Rent Reservation:
    • The company guarantees the providing of car rental only upon reservation. Cases of extension of car rent are considered individually.
    • Concerning reservation of the car, please, contact with our managers by phone, Viber, Watsapp, or E-mail (our contacts).
    • Select the car you want to rent when acquainted with our on-line catalog of car rental.
    • Send to e-mail a photo of the passport and driver’s license (both sides).
    As well, you can request a rent car by using our form of on-line booking, having selected the desired car from our catalog beforehand.
    Then, within 20 min (during working hours), the manager will inform you about the reservation confirmation, and / or clarify the details.
    The final decision on the issuance of rent car is taken by the manager after personal contact with the customer and the submission of original documents.

    Main terms and conditions of car rental in Ukraine.

    General conditions and procedure for issuing of rent car :

    • The services are paid before the beginning of the rent. If the rent is prolongued,payment is also made forward.
    • Tariffs on car rent and additional services are listed in US dollars.
    • Daily car rental ends after 24 hours from the time of actual receipt of car. Office works till 18:00.
    • Limit of kilometrage is 350km per day (average daily limit). The total limit is calculated as 350km * number of rental days. Overrun is paid separately.
    • Сlient leaves a pledge for the car and make full payment for services before the start of the rentl (at the time of signing of the rental agreement). Amount of pledge and payment is specified in the act of reception and transmission. In case of car returning in original condition and within agreed time, the pledge is returned to the client immediately and in the same amount!!!
    Pledge – is the sum of the standard client’s responsibility during the time of car rent.
    To reduce the amount of liability (the amount of the pledge) we offer to purchase additional insurance (you can get acquainted with the conditions and prices here: conditions of additional insurance during car rent)
    • All cars are rented out in clean condition.
    • Before rent, employee of the company makes photos of car body and the salon, and describes the present damage in the act of car reception and transmission.
    • Standard complete set of car: spare tire, wheel wrench, towing hook, warning triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, tires according to the season (winter / summer). By prior arrangement, the car can be equipped optionally: with gps navigation, child seat, wi-fi router.
    In case of any unplanned situations (accident, damage, theft, breakage of car etc.), the client is obliged to notify the renter immediately (within 30 minutes) from the time of the incident on the hotline number: +38 067 521 7877.

    Payment and tariffs:

    • Tariffs for a rerun: economy class – 1usd for 10km, the middle class – 1,5 usd for 10km, business class and SUVs (SUV, engine capacity to 2.5 liters.) – 2,0 usd for 10km, premium class and SUVs… (engine capacity of more than 2.5 liters.) – 2.5 to 5,0 usd for 10km of overrun.
    • Providing of car in non-working hours (from 19:00 to 9:00, as well as public holidays) = 10 usd.
    • Providing / reception of car at the address in Kyiv (including AP Kyiv, railway station): 10 usd (one transfer for free, in the case of rental for 4 days or more)
    • Providing / reception of car AP Boryspil = 20 usd (one transfer for free, in the case of rentals for 7 days or more)
    • Providing / receiving of car in another city = from $ 150 to $ 300 depending on the distance from Kyiv and the class of car.
    • Providing / receiving of car in Kiev region. = $ 20 + (number of kilometers from the city * 0.7usd)

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