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Car rental service with the possibility of going abroad in Ukraine from 7Cars

Economy or middle class
4 500 UAH
Additional payment for a car with the possibility of going abroad is 4 500 UAH

It is possible to pay for the
unlimited mileage package!
Business class, crossover or minivan
6 500 UAH
Additional payment for a car with the possibility of going abroad is 6 500 UAH

It is possible to pay for the
unlimited mileage package!

Are you planning a trip outside Ukraine and want to spend it with maximum comfort? Or are you planning a business trip abroad? In this case, car rental is a great choice for you. 7Cars Company provides a car rental service with an opportunity to travel abroad from four Ukrainian cities at once: in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and Dnipro.

How to make a rental with the right to travel abroad

The car is provided according the following conditions:

  • a driver must be at least 25 years old with a driving experience of at least 5 years;
  • the additional payment for an economy or middle class car with the possibility of going abroad is 4500 UAH, and for a business class car, SUV or minibus – 6500 UAH. These tariffs apply for a rental period of up to one month (up to 30 days). In case of ordering a service for a period of more than a month (from 30 days), the tariff increases by an amount multiple of that for one month (30 days). For example, the cost package of renting for a period of 45 days will be 9000 UAH or 13000 UAH, respectively;
  • discounts and promotions for car rental for abroad trips do not apply;
  • 7Cars made sure that the rental price does not change! The security deposit for traveling abroad is 50% higher than the standard one and is paid only in cash. However, it is worthwhile to understand that this amount is your insurance and it will be returned to you in the absence of force majeure;
  • the mileage limit is 350 km in 24 hours. A miscalculation will be made for you by our manager, taking into account the entire rental period. It is possible to pay an unlimited mileage package;
  • in our company you can arrange car rental with departure to Europe. Please note that travel to the CIS countries (including Moldova, Transnistria, the Russian Federation, Belarus) is prohibited on our cars.

What do you get for traveling abroad

  • A new car, released not later than 2016 of any class of your choice.
  • Insurance, which includes your future abroad trip. Please note that due to the current situation in the insurance market of Ukraine the risk of theft while traveling abroad is not insured.
  • Green Card, made in accordance with all bureaucratic requirements.
  • A universal car kit selected for traveling specifically to countries of European jurisdiction. It includes everything that may be needed on the road: a fully equipped first-aid kit, low beam headlamp, parking and stop-signal lamps, a sturdy towrope, and a stop sign.

We also offer:

  • full support of 7Cars managers, who will help you to choose a car, advise on all the details of renting, prepare all the necessary papers;
  • assistant service – support available 24/7. Any situation on the road in Ukraine or abroad will not be an obstacle to your trip – the company manager will tell you the solution and make sure that none of troubles is made during the trip.

Tips for traveling abroad by car

  • European countries seriously control the speed limit: you can get a huge fine for speeding.
  • Do not use radar detectors that interfere with the police devices. In most European countries, the usage of such devices is prohibited and severely punished.
  • If you travel with a child, do not forget to rent a special child seat with the car. This is not only about a baby’s safety: in the European Union tyou can get fines due to the lack of this detail.
  • Clarify the traffic rules of the country in which you are going to go. So, some states require low beam headlamp to be switched on at any time of the year.

7Cars guarantees common standards for the provided services and the quality of the provided fleet in any issuing city. We monitor the technical condition of our cars, their appearance, and compliance with the most stringent European standards. To make the trip comfortable, contact 7Cars!