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Subcompact car rental is the market leader of sales and leases, ideal variant for de-luxe trip on city or travels. Our company offers to hire a manoeuvrable and safe machine in Kiev on reasonable price. We with specific attention approach to selection of vehicles of given class, in order to offer to the customer broad range of products.

Our vehicle pool has such specifications:

  • diversity of choice;
  • low mileage of transport facility;
  • excellent technical condition of the car;
  • practicality and comfortableness of automobiles;
  • systematic tech inspections.

Ordering car for rent, you get rid of congestion in the city and long trips by train.

Who can use middle class car rental?

Passenger car rental in Kiev is interesting to all people who were accustomed to de-luxe trips and travels. Customers become active businessmen, married couples, students and representation persons. To order motor car inexpensively – is service which differs by accessibility and simplicity of formalisation.

You want to depart to travel or to business meeting to other city? The transport rental will become an optimum variant. For constant customers we develop a specific system of pricing which allows to save money and time.

Benefits of rental for customer

Purchase of its own car assumes diversity of charges:

  • service;
  • tech inspections;
  • acquisition of the details;
  • insurance and formalisation.

If you choose car rental in Kyiv, you get rid of these expenditure. The customer pays our company for actual time of transport operation. Under the terms of contract are absent hidden pitfalls and hidden payments. The customer picks up car at any time, discussing conditions with manager. Accurate cost is underlined during formation of a contract, for conclusion of which such documents will be necessary:

  • passport;
  • driver license with active class “B”;
  • dentification code;
  • additional papers.

We do not limit customers in the methods of payment, offering modern methods transfer of sums. You can contact operator for receipt of detailed information, employees quickly react on calls and requests. Order a subcompact car rental, in order to gladden oneself by comfort and impeccable maintenance service.

Available car brands