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Corporate fleet management

Many companies require their own fleet of vehicles for successful work. Cars are needed to transport employees or goods quickly, to provide transportation services to customers… Each car needs regular maintenance, repair and insurance. It may seem a simple task, if the company has only a couple of cars, but brings a lot of troubles when the number of vehicles is great.

Companies often do not have sufficient resources, particular personnel and qualifications, to control all processes related to car ownership. Because of this, working with cars becomes inefficient, which increases the costs of the company. To solve such a problem, western countries has been using a service of corporate fleet management for long.

Now, thanks to 7Cars, this service is also available for Ukrainian business! For quick communication about fleet management, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or call
+38 (067) 521 78 77

What is fleet management and why is it useful?

This service is an outstaffing of the tasks of a full-time mechanic, administrator, fleet manager, lawyer, etc. Thus, there is no need for the employees of your company to solve trivial (non-core) tasks that may arise during the operation of cars: such as replacing a bulb in a headlight, recording for maintenance, resolving an insured event. Your staff focuses on the main processes that are valuable for your business, and everything else is delegated to us.

In addition, the transfer of fleet management will help you to:

  • control the use of your cars;
  • avoid downtimes that may be necessary elsewhere;
  • monitor the performance of drivers;
  • get a lot of useful statistical information.

What is included in the set of services?

We take care of almost all the tasks associated with managing a fleet of cars.

Fleet management
Purchase and sale of cars:
  • assistance in choosing and purchasing a car for a client company;
  • car registration;
  • assistance in the sale of cars from your fleet in the secondary market when they are no longer serviceable (including the purchase of vehicles by 7Cars).
Maintenance, diagnostics and care:
  • scheduled routine maintenance;
  • overhaul;
  • scheduled and emergency tire fitting (including the purchase of tires);
  • seasonal tire storage;
  • car washing and dry cleaning (it is possible to conclude an agreement with a specific car wash, if the company operates cars in one city).
Car insurance:
  • choosing an insurance company;
  • selection of insurance conditions;
  • registration of insurance.
Monitoring and control:
  • GPS tracking of vehicles (monitoring of movements, creating reports on the location of the car);
  • installation of various security and control systems in cars;
  • rational distribution of cars and drivers;
  • organization of checks for scratches and other damage that may appear during cars’ operation.
Transportation and storage:
  • driving cars by 7Cars drivers (for service, to another city, etc.);
  • delivery of your employee to the car for service;
  • short-term car storage.
Financial tasks:
  • keeping records of transport costs;
  • providing a detailed report on the work done and financial costs.
Other tasks:
  • settlement of accidents;
  • providing a replacement car during the repair of a car from your fleet;
  • round-the-clock assistance of drivers over the phone.

What are the benefits of fleet management at 7Cars?

  • Optimization and budget planning. We are looking for an individual approach to each client. We take into account the features of your fleet, as well as the purpose of using cars, and the tasks of your business in general.
  • Wide coverage. We work with companies throughout Ukraine.
  • Cooperation with service providers (service stations, tire fitting shops, spare parts stores, insurance companies, tow trucks) on special conditions. Due to this, prices for many services for us are lower than market prices by 5-15%.
  • Dedicated manager for each client company. Our employee will always promptly solve any administrative problem.
  • Call center 24/7 for quick acceptance of requests (registration for maintenance, insurance claims settlement, repair planning, etc.).
  • Detailed work reports, as well as access to the vehicle monitoring system. You get data about where your cars were, who was driving, what is the fuel consumption, how fast a car was driven, etc.
  • Professional legal assistance: in registering a car, resolving insured events, receiving payments from insurance companies.
  • Postpay. You pay for our services until the 10th day of the month following the reported one.
  • Our prices include VAT, which makes it possible to optimize costs and taxation.

How is the price for managing the fleet formed?

We work with clients basing on an open budget. The monthly payment consists of:

  • the cost of individual services performed by subcontractors. These services and their prices are listed in detail in the report;
  • remuneration of an outstaff company (7Cars) in the amount of 15% of the cost of services.
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