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Rent a minivan in Kyiv

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Rental conditions

If you want to rent a minibus without a driver at 7Cars, you must be at least 21 years old and have at least 2 years of driving experience, and for premium minivans (for example, Mercedes-Benz V-class) – at least 25 and at least 5 years. You also need to provide the following documents:

  • an identity card (passport of a citizen of Ukraine, international passport or temporary residence permit in Ukraine);
  • driver's license;
  • identification code.

We accept payment by cash or a credit card. You can reserve a car by phone, which is listed at the very top of the site, and online – just click on the picture of the minivan you are interested in on this page.

Rental prices

The price for minivan rental in Kyiv starts from:

  • $ 33 per day for rent without a driver;
  • $ 8 per hour for a trip with a driver within the city;
  • $ 0.4 per 1 km for a trip with a driver throughout Ukraine;
  • $ 20 one way for a transfer to the airport.

The more accurate price can be found on the car page.

In addition, while renting a minibus, consider personal fuel costs. In the table below, you will find the actual average prices for various types of fuel at Kyiv gas stations.

Average prices on gas stations on 05.07.2022 (Kyiv)

Average price (UAH) 52.0052.0050.8551.9017.9956.7758.0038.58
Approximate price of 100km route (UAH) 416416406.8415.2143.92454.16464308.64

The average fuel consumption for minivans presented in our car park is 8 liters per 100 km of run.You can take this parameter as a guideline to calculate the cost of fuel. It should also be remembered that the fuel consumption in the city may be somewhat higher, and on the highway, vice versa – less than the represented number.

Minibuses rental in Kyiv

Which minibuses can be rented at 7Cars?

The 7Cars company is able to satisfy the most exacting transport requests. Our car park of minibuses is:

  • cars of various capacities: from 7-seater minivans for a family to full-fledged minibuses with 20 seats for organizing events;
  • minivans mainly with diesel, but also with a gasoline engine;
  • cars with automatic and manual transmission;
  • other useful items of equipment: air conditioning, climate control, heated seats, airbags, central locking, Multifunction and much more.

By deciding to rent a minibus in 7Cars, you get a wide selection of car models that have passed the full MOT and have insurance. In addition, at your request, we provide a modern GPS-navigator, Wi-Fi router and other equipment that will make your movement more comfortable.

Rental goals

  • Delegations meetings, business partners meetings, organization of corporate events
  • Holding the excursion events, including for children
  • Departure for a family holiday out of a town or fishing in the company of friends
  • For the wedding
  • Airport transfer
  • For a test drive of the model you like before purchasing

Types of minibus rental

You can rent minibuses with or without a driver in 7Cars.

Without driver

If your driving experience is more than two years, and you feel confidently behind the wheel, so you can rent a minibus without a driver. Now this service is gaining increasing popularity at once for several reasons.

  • Rent without a driver is more economical
  • You get the maximum freedom of movement: no need to discuss in advance the route, meeting time and other travel details.
  • Independent route planning and possible stops
  • The element of surprise. Renting a minivan without a driver, you can enjoy spontaneity that is pleasant in many aspects: departure at any time of the day, night driving, etc. without prior preparation.
  • Comfort from feeling like the master of the situation. Not everyone is pleased with the constant presence of a stranger nearby.

With a driver

The service is perfect for those who do not have a driver's license or still not very confident behind the wheel. Rent a minivan with a driver will not be superfluous:

  • to organize the transportation of guests at a wedding or corporate event;
  • planning a meeting of business partners;
  • and of course, in the case when you need to organize a tour, especially in an unfamiliar city.
Minivan rental


  • Choosing a car, focus on the number of passengers. If the exact number is not known yet, it is better to take a more spacious minibus in order to avoid unpleasant situations with the transportation.
  • Renting a minivan for long journeys, it is better to choose a car with the maximum configuration.
  • While planning a minibus route in Kyiv, consider traffic jams. Look at the information about traffic online before departure – it will help to adjust the plans for time and fuel consumption.
  • Driving out of the city, remember that the condition of the roadway in many parts of Ukraine is much worse than in the capital. Try not to drive on bad roads in the dark.

Any questions? Request a callback using the button on the left. 7Cars specialists are always happy to help you!

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