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Top cars for traveling

Top cars for traveling

Yuliy Lechekhlib
Co-founder of the Company

Traveling by car is the perfect option for many people, and not only because it allows you to save the money. Trip by car is a freedom of choice, absolute independence on the way to your destination and unique comfort movement. You only need to choose the right vehicle so that the ride brings only positive emotions and impressions. In this case, the absence of your own car can even be an advantage, because you get the opportunity to choose the most suitable model in the rental company.
7Cars made up a small top of cars available for renting in our fleet that suit the best for long journeys.

The best travel car is:

  • big enough, with a comfortable cabin and roomy trunk;
  • with good technical characteristics, including a non-rigid suspension;
  • not very big fuel consumption, reliability, safety of movement and at the same time, good speed.

Cars for off-road driving: SUVs and crossovers

For lovers of cross-country driving and those who prefer to spend their holidays away from civilization, it is better to choose a car with a large off-road capability. Such cars will not fail on steep descents and any difficult sections of the route.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Experts agree that the best option for long trips is an SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Reliable and solid, it is the personification of success. This steady and comfortable for the driver and passengers SUV has a complete set of options that will be very useful while traveling on poor quality road:

  • climate control with the ability to set individual temperature settings for the second-row passengers provides comfort on long journeys;
  • stabilization control, active traction control and innovative off-road assistance systems make it possible to overcome any barriers on the way;
  • the Pre-Crash active safety complex and tire pressure control system make driving safer;
  • high-quality audio system with touch controls sets the mood and rhythm to the whole car trip.


Audi Q7

If we talk about crossovers, the Audi Q7 is out of competition. This car is designed for overcoming large distances. It does not need presentations and recommendations, and is ready to please the driver with the smooth and flexible engine, as well as the perfect setting of the gearbox and suspension in the “Comfort” mode, which will make you forget about the bad road. 4×4 vehicle with a roomy trunk (775 liters) overcomes almost 700 km without refueling with a fuel consumption of 14.6 liters per 100 km. Climate control and heating of the seats will make the trip comfortable, and the panoramic roof will allow you to enjoy the views of Ukrainian nature.


The best cars for family travel

What could be better than a family travelling? Such a vacation allows you to fill in the gaps that exist in communication with a family during the year of everyday routine. Family travel is an opportunity to get to know your soul mate again, to get to know your children better and to come back into the childhood by communicating with your parents. The right vehicle will help you with this.

Hyundai H1 2.5

Hyundai H1 minivan is a combination of modernity, practicality and at the same time elegance and comfort. It accommodates seven passengers and a driver, providing them full safety of movement due to the presence of airbags, full power pack and easy handleability. Automatic climate control, heated steering wheel and seats, and leather upholstery add convenience to every trip. This car has a very economical fuel consumption (8.8 liters per 100 km), so your trip can be quite long.


Mercedes-Benz Metris (V-class)

Mercedes-Benz minivan will also allow you to take seven people on a trip. Roomy and thought-out salon will become a comfortable “home” for the whole family during your holidays. The 1030 liters trunk deserves special attention: it easily hits not only all the necessary things, but also numerous souvenirs, bought during the driving. The cost of moving on such a car is about 350 UAH per 100 km with consumption of up to 12 liters per hundred.


Traveling to Europe: cars for long trips

Independent trips to Europe are gaining popularity with the rejection of organized tours and professional guides. It’s not just because of money savings. A trip around Europe in your own or rented car is an opportunity to visit places of interest and see to rare landmarks that are not included in the public tourist routes. At the same time, choosing the best car for your expeditions is a guarantee of great holidays and unforgettable experiences.

Volkswagen Golf Variant 2.0

Real German quality combined with economical fuel consumption (6.3 liters per 100 km) and comfortable interior is equally great for long journeys, and for a city ​​ride. Fast Volkswagen Golf station wagon possesses a powerful engine, modern climate control and a convenient back-up camera. Sufficiently roomy trunk (605 l) will become a great “suitcase” for everything you need on the way.


Skoda Octavia A7

With this car, you will get the maximum practicality, saving on movement (expense only 4.3 liters per hundred kilometers) in favor of an additional resort or an extra souvenir. Skoda Octavia A7, running on gasoline, has a smooth ride, a comfortable lounge and representative appearance. In addition, this vehicle is very reliable.


Low-cost tourism: budget cars for traveling

For spontaneous travels, planned literally the day before, it is better to rent economy cars. This will allow you to get great quality at an affordable price and concentrate all the means and effort on the trip, not on its organization.

Suzuki Swift

A great car for traveling with a small company. It has an enough powerful engine and at the same time low fuel consumption (5.5 liters per 100 km) which will ensure the comfort of movement. Despite a small size of Suzuki Swift, it is equipped with a power steering for a convenient driving, air conditioning, and heated seats for the comfort of all passengers. Mechanical gearbox in a tandem with the engine helps to reach the speed of up to 175 km/h.


Skoda Fabia

Economical Skoda Fabia hatchback with manual transmission has a consumption of only 4.8 liters per hundred kilometers, which makes it popular for a budget travel. Taking into account the average price of gasoline in Ukraine, the cost of a distance of 100 km driven on this car will be only 136 UAH. Great combination of size and convenience, power and savings.


Automotive tourism is a great opportunity to pay less, but to see and discover more. All of the above vehicles are great for long journeys. You just should to evaluate your requirements and financial capabilities.

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