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3 popular lakes of the Carpathians. The best alternative to a vacation by the sea

3 popular lakes of the Carpathians. The best alternative to a vacation by the sea

Danylo Bezliudko
Director, founder of the company

If a seaside vacation is not interesting for you, there is always a great alternative – a mountain holiday. Charming hills of the Carpathians and picturesque lakes inspire, fill and give lots of incredible power. So, hurry up and pack your backpack, rent an off-road car, and start this unforgettable road trip to the Carpathian lakes!

It is more convenient and budget-friendly to rent a car in Lviv in 7Cars. We will deliver your chosen car to the train station or any other address. Traveling by car to the lakes in the Carpathians is the most comfortable option, as public transport will not take you directly to the park at the lake, and will drop you off at a detour, from which you will have to walk (usually uphill) to your destination.

We offer the following auto route in the Carpathian Mountains: Lviv – Synevyr – Lake Vita – Ivano-Frankivsk – Lake Molodist. Of course, you may change the route and reach the last point through Hust, but it will be a little longer. Besides, tracks R21 Khust-Dolyna and H-10 Dolyna-Ivano-Frankivsk are in excellent condition after repair.

Rest at Lake Synevyr

One of the 7 natural wonders of Ukraine, the largest lake in the country Synevyr is located in the Carpathian Mountains and emerald forests at an altitude of one thousand meters above sea level. It was formed by an earthquake 10 thousand years ago. But there is also another version – the legend of two lovers, a noblewoman Syna and a boy Vyr. The girl’s wealthy father disapproved of her relationship with the ordinary village sheep farmer Vyr, and ordered to kill him. Syna was crying long and bitterly, and from her tears a body of water arose. Now this place has become special: people who meet on the shores of Synevyr are sure to start a relationship, and couples who visit Synevyr on their wedding day have a happy marriage.

The depth of Lake Synevyr reaches 20 meters, and the temperature is always cold (about 13 degrees), also in the summer the water stays the same. Nevertheless, there are several species of trout and crayfish.

It is not allowed to swim in the lake, but visitors can raft. People also can ride horses and bikes on the forest trails and green lawns.

How to get to Synevyr lake?

From Lviv there are regular buses and hitchhikers. If you want to visit Synevyr by car, we recommend driving from Lviv through Mezhhiria and turning to Synevyrska Polyana. The road takes about 3-4 hours.

Sea Eye, as it is also called, is located a couple of kilometers from the village. To enter the territory of Synevyr National Park by car, you have to pay the entrance fee. The prices are quite low: UAH 30 for adults and UAH 15 for children, there is an additional fee of UAH 75 for a car.

Where to stay?

You can camp overnight right by the lake in a tent. There is a camping site with food and conveniences. If you prefer a more comfortable option, there are a lot of hotels and rental houses not far from the lake. Another option is to go on vacation to Ozero Vita.

Ozero Vita (Khashchovansk Lake)

The history of this place confirms that all dreams come true if you work on them. In 90s a young man was walking along the Carpathian Mountains and found Khashchovansk Lake. He liked the place so much that he was determined to build a house there one day. The guy worked hard for 15 years and when he felt financial stability, he began improving this place: he built a road, ran electricity and built a house. With each visit from friends, he realized that there wasn’t enough space for everyone. This prompted him to continue building cottages and soon a tourist complex, which he called Ozero Vita, which means Lake of Life.

Photo: https://ozerovita.com

How to get to Ozero Vita?

If you drive from Synevyr, the road takes about an hour and a half (60 km). Lake Vita is located in the village of Nyzhnii Studenyi. The condition of the road T-0718, which connects these two lakes is good, just repaired. The bonuses are beautiful forest and mountain views, nice fresh air.

Where to stay?

On the territory of the complex there are cottages, where you can rent a room or a whole house. The material of the houses is completely ecological. Each house has a balcony and a terrace overlooking the lake, where, by the way, you can swim. There are also a variety of services and recreational activities: fishing, SPA treatments, physiotherapy, children’s entertainment and much more. In short, here you will not only enjoy the grandeur of nature, but also have a good rest.

Lake Molodist

Lake Molodist (The lake of Youth) is located in Bukovel. This is the largest artificial lake in Ukraine that is 9 meters deep. During summer a 2 km long beach is equipped on the shore of the lake.

Photo: https://karpaty-ua.org.ua

The lake is called Molodist (Youth) for a reason: its water is filled with healing spring waters of the Carpathians, so after bathing you feel a burst of energy. The water in the lake is crystal clear and when the sun is shining you can see the bottom.

It is ideal to spend days here: sunbathing, swimming, eating delicious food, water skiing, catamarans and other water attractions, diving lessons. This is the best rest in Bukovel in summer near the lake.

How to get to the Lake Molodist?

We recommend you to create a route on the map and choose the most convenient variant for you: you can go from Ozero Vita through Khust (in this case you can visit Khust castle), or through Ivano-Frankivsk, which also has a lot of landmarks. The road from Ivano-Frankivsk to Bukovel is in excellent condition, so you can drive quickly. The only possible obstacle is traffic jams, which can sometimes occur at the exit from Ivano-Frankovsk and at the entrance to Bukovel.

Where to stay?

There are about a dozen hotels and apartments of different price categories located near the Molodist, so you can solve the problem with accommodation in a few clicks.

When the summer vacations in the mountains will be coming to an end, you can give away the rented car in any city of Ukraine, the main thing is to warn us in advance. After car inspection we will give you the deposit.

Lifehack: If you book a car in advance and arrange a long-term lease, you will get a minimum daily rate. Maybe with this condition it will be more convenient for you to travel to the Carpathians and come back home by rented car instead of by train.

We wish you a wonderful peaceful summer and a lot of comfortable auto travels. We will help you with this!

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