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Electric car: rental benefits and operation rules

Electric car: rental benefits and operation rules

Yuliy Lechekhlib
Co-founder of the Company

Electric cars are rapidly gaining popularity around the world not only because of their environmental friendliness, but also because of the ease of operation. Modern electric cars are very comfortable to drive and maintain.

Electric cars purchase and renting in Ukraine is not less popular than in other European countries. Moreover, the related infrastructure is developing swiftly. Today it is not a problem to find an electric car charging station even in towns.

If you are thinking about buying an electric car, but do not know all the nuances, we recommend using a long-term lease of such a car and experiencing all the advantages of its operation by yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

Obviously, the main advantage of such cars is their environmental friendliness. Minimal environmental pollution is the main factor in the huge popularity of electric vehicles.

Also their important advantages are:

  • economy – the cost of electricity is several times lower than gasoline or diesel fuel;
  • efficiency – according to recent studies, the level of conversion of input energy into kinetic energy in electric motors is one of the highest – more than 70%.

The main disadvantage of such cars is a long charging period. That means you should always have margin of travel time on the road. But this question is gradually losing its urgency:

  • Firstly, modern electric cars have a fairly large range. For example, the popular model in rental company 7 cars – Nissan Leaf: it can go on one charge from 300 to 350 km.
  • Secondly, as we mentioned above, you can find electric charging stations at most standard gas stations and even install it at home.

The electric car’s range can be affected by the weather (the battery discharges faster in cold weather), as well as by the driving style. Aggressive braking and acceleration reduce the mileage on a single charge. Smooth acceleration and adherence to an adequate speed limit, on the contrary, will extend the driving time. It is also important to remember that the very design of the electric car provides for recharging during regenerative braking. Smoothly slowing down on long descents, you recharge the battery.

What you receive with an electric car rental

Renting an electric car is the best way to see if this type of car is right for you. You can use the service of daily or long-term rental.

This option allows you to try on the car for yourself: you will learn how to drive an electric car, and our consultants will tell you about all the nuances of charging and operating. Also, you can actually see that the price of charging an electric car is quite different from the usual amounts for gasoline or diesel cars.

It is possible to rent an electric car if you come on a business trip, plan to travel or just want to enjoy a trip around the city.

Rules and nuances of charging an electric car

If you rent a car from us, the staff will definitely advise you on the peculiarities of charging. You can do this at special charging stations, at most major gas stations.

A guideline for time: 1 minute = 1 kilometer of mileage. It is not recommended to frequently connect the battery to the charger, so “refuel” the car when it has 10 percent of charge or less.

Also, each car is equipped with a special adapter that allows you to charge the car from a regular 220V socket. So you can recharge the battery even at home. It will take a little longer, but it will be even cheaper than a gas station.

Use the UGV Chargers mobile app with a map of stations to quickly find a gas station for your electric car. You can also book a refueling session and immediately pay for it in the app.

Electric car operation in winter

Some useful tips on how to use an electric car in winter:

  • Before you start driving, warm up the car to make the electronics show you the correct range, since the battery discharges faster in cold weather;
  • Do not rely 100% on the specified mileage – it is better to make sure there are charging stations in advance if you plan a long trip.

Furthermore, charging process in winter may take longer than in warm weather. Otherwise, operating an electric car in winter has no differences from other seasons.

Renting a nissan leaf from 7cars is a great choice to experience all the benefits of electric cars without worrying about insurance or inspections. We offer our customers cars in perfect condition, so we are sure that you will get maximum pleasure from driving.

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