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What to see in Cherkasy region: “Zernoland”

What to see in Cherkasy region: “Zernoland”

Yuliy Lechekhlib
Co-founder of the Company

Are you looking for an exciting trip for your weekend? 7Cars recommends to pay attention to “Zernoland” – an educational tourist attraction in the south of the Cherkasy region, near the village of Ivkivtsi. The distance from Kyiv to Zernoland is about 250 km, and from Cherkassy – only 50 km. This place is perfect for a family travel with children.

“Zernoland” is a museum complex, which entertains and educates as well. It was founded by a local resident, an ethnographer Nazar Lavrinenko, as a part of a project for the development of entrepreneurship and tourism in the Ukrainian village. The place was not chosen by chance: firstly, there is a mysterious Semidubova Mountain nearby, which has always attracted tourists – many believe that the ashes of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnitsky are reburied here. And secondly, a windmill more than 100 years old has been preserved on the territory of the complex. Once there were dozens of such mills here, and grain processing was the basis of agriculture in the region.


Without any doubt, a visit to “Zernoland” will leave in your memory a lot of amazing emotions and impressions. The visitors can join the great deal – the birth of a loaf of bread. During the tour, you will go through the fascinating stages of making bread, step by step, from the very beginning (turning grain into flour). But “Zernoland” is famous not only for bread.

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What to do in “Zernoland”

Here you will find such exciting master classes:

  • processing of grain into flour. Each visitor can independently use millstones, manual and mechanical mills to grind flour, and then bake Cossack cakes on the fire with their own hands;
  • In this master class, a professional instructor will tell and be sure to show you how to use the bow correctly. You don’t have to worry about safety precautions, because the control of compliance with all its rules is under the watchful eye of the instructor;
  • blacksmith craft. You can not only learn how to work with metal and feel its plastics, but also make your first simple product;
  • sculpting dishes and figurines using a potter’s wheel;
  • creation of paper;
  • making a traditional reeled doll. If you still do not know what kind of doll it is, then you should definitely attend such a master class.

In addition, here you can ride a horse or a donkey, go mushroom picking or just admire the surrounding nature. In “Zernoland” it will be very interesting for both adults and children. And at the end you will certainly be treated to a delicious kulish – you will definitely not stay hungry.

The entrance fee to the complex is 150 UAH. The entrance ticket price includes master classes, entertainment and food (kulish, tea or compote from a samovar, biscuits with honey).

How to get to Zernoland

There are several options:

  • as part of an organized excursion group by bus;
  • independently by a regular bus – from Cherkassy to the village of Medvedivka, and then on foot to the village of Ivkivtsi;
  • car rental at 7Cars, which gives you a complete freedom of movement. We have more than a hundred car rental models available. And to make it easier for you to choose, we have left below a small selection of cars that are best suited for a trip to Zernoland.

We wish you an exciting journey!

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