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7Cars conducted a customer survey on the quality of service

7Cars conducted a customer survey on the quality of service

Yuliy Lechekhlib
Co-founder of the Company

During 4 months – from April to July 2020 – our company had been conducting a survey for new customers (those who used our services for the first time). After returning а car, we offered new renters to fill out a small Google form to share their impressions of the service.

During the survey, we collected the opinions of 198 clients. We are very pleased that most of them were satisfied with the service: we received many positive comments. There were also critical reviews, but all of them were constructive and well-grounded. We suggest you to look at the generalized survey results in the form of diagrams below.

We would like to thank the participants for their opinion, as well as all 7Cars customers for staying with us. We go on working for you and constantly improve the quality of our service! If you also want to take part in the survey, please follow the link: https://forms.gle/6BqiN9AJxyvLNHe89.

The results

Авто какого класса арендовали клиенты

As you can see, our new customers rented affordable economy class cars most often. The middle class, as well as SUVs and crossovers, are not far behind. More expensive business-class cars were rented much less often; premium-class cars and minivans were rented even less often.

Насколько удобен наш сайт

The overwhelming majority of respondents (about 90%) noted that it was easy and convenient to use our website to find information and order a car. Some clients prefer personal communication by phone or in the office; only a few visitors experienced difficulties while working with the website.

Города, в которых арендовали авто

More than half of the clients rented a car in Kyiv, which is not surprising – the greatest demand for car rental in Ukraine is concentrated in the capital. The second and the third places in the number of orders were in Odessa and Lviv.

Насколько клиенты довольны консультацией

Almost all the clients were satisfied with the work of our team, noting the completeness of the consultation and/or the politeness of the staff. None of the respondents encountered rudeness or lack of attention from our managers.

Скорость обслуживания

More than 90% of customers received their rental car in less than half an hour after visiting us. Some, however, told us about delivery delays. We will take their comments into account.

Чистота авто

We carefully monitor the cleanliness of our cars, and this was noted by more than 95% of new customers. We will strive for a 100% indicator 🙂

Был ли полон бак автомобиля

One of the principles of our company is to give a car with a full tank of fuel, which was noted by 100% of the surveyed customers.

Скорость приема авто

Our renters did not experience any difficulties while returning a car: almost everyone answered that this procedure took no more than 20 minutes.

Техническая исправность авто

The customers were generally satisfied with the technical condition of our cars: almost 90% of them noted the condition of the car as excellent, the rest – as satisfactory. Nobody chose the option “everything was bad”.

Решение проблем при аренде

Those who had questions during the rental process were satisfied with both the speed and quality of their solution.

Цели аренды авто

The most popular reason for renting a car among respondents was the temporary unavailability of their own car (due to repairs, sales, etc.): it was named by about 42%. Other popular reasons:

  • 24% of respondents see no reason to buy their own car and use the rented one as needed;
  • 17% rented a car for traveling to another city, not wanting to use public transport;
  • 11% rented a car for business or other work tasks.

Among other reasons, which were named by the clients, are the lack of funds to buy personal transport; test drive before buying a similar car; a temporary need for a larger car or several cars.

Самые важные факторы при аренде

The most important factors in choosing a rented car for the interviewed customers were (there was the ability to choose several options in this question):

  • transparency and clarity of the conditions offered by the company – 84.3% of the responses;
  • 24/7 support on the road – 47%;
  • location of rental within the city – 34%;
  • low price, regardless of the car – 33%;
  • new cars, regardless of the price – 30%;
  • low deposit amount – 28%.

Other answers of the clients to this question include the speed of renting, a wide choice of cars, the availability of insurance, the reliability of the company.

Общая оценка качества сервиса

More than 96% of respondents generally rated our service as excellent, and we are very happy about it 🙂

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