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The Pearl of Volyn: Lake Pisochne

The Pearl of Volyn: Lake Pisochne

Pavlo Lysovskyi
Customer Service Manager

We at 7Cars love to discover little-known tourist places in Ukraine, and this time we decided to share one of them with you. Lake Pisochne is part of the Shatski lakes group, which are located in the northwest of the Volyn region. Its location distinguishes it from other (such as Lake Svityaz) more popular holiday destinations in this region. It is situated on the sidelines of the main routes of arrival for most tourists; accordingly, only those who want to get there just reach it. This means fewer people, cleaner water, less garbage…

Lake Pisochne has absorbed all the advantages of the Volyn lakes: low sandy shores and the purest water. Despite the fact that the average depth here is about 7 meters, and the maximum reaches 16, it is quite difficult to find these deep places. The descent from the shore is very gentle, and swimming is comfortable even for children. The beaches and the bottom are covered with soft and smooth sand. The lake is surrounded by dense forest, which gives this place an atmosphere of mystery. The largest habitat of people around the lake is the village of Melnyky, and on the western bank is the village of Haivka.

Pisochne lake

Flora and fauna of the lake

Pisochne is a lake of karst origin. The transparency of the water here is the best among all the lakes in the region. The lake is home to many species of fish: crucian carp, catfish, roach … Only in Pisochne the trout-perch fish live. Among the rare species there is the river eel. On the shores there are nesting places for wild birds: ducks, swans and geese. The Red Book trees are found here: dwarf birch and black alder. Dense coniferous forests around the lake allow different types of animals to develop fully. Roe deer, wild boars, hares, squirrels feel great here, as well as rare species – marten and ermine.

How to get there?

The main route of arrival lies through the transport center of the Volyn region – the city of Kovel. There are many train routes leading to it, so this will not be a problem. There are many buses to anywhere in the Shatski Lakes. But if you want more freedom of movement, we recommend renting a car in our company: you can, for example, rent a car in Lutsk or order its delivery to Kovel. The most convenient way is to get to the Lisna Pisnia sanatorium or directly to the village of Melnyky, depending on where you are going to live. The distance from Kovel along the shortest road will be approximately 90 km, from Lutsk – 160 km.

Where to stay?

The most popular place for renting a room or a house among tourists is the village of Melnyky. Both in Melnyky and in Haivka, you can easily find a place to live for every taste, depending on the requests for comfort and financial possibilities.

Houes for rent in Melnyky village

The second most popular holiday destination is the Lisna Pisnia sanatorium. People from all over Ukraine and from neighboring countries come here, because here you can get not only a comprehensive vacation at an average price, but also treatment of cardiovascular diseases and the musculoskeletal system. There is a dining room and a restaurant right on the territory of the sanatorium.

For those who like more distant rest, the relaxation base “Medic” offers its services. At its disposal are very modest wooden houses located along the coast, and the price for them is also very affordable.

Fans of wild recreation will also find where to stay at Lake Pisochne. In the northwest, there is a specially equipped campsite with clean water, toilets, and specially built gazebos with electricity. You can stop there, or just get up with tents on the shore at any point you like. For the laziest, there is even an opportunity to buy ready-made baskets of firewood from local foresters at the recreation center.

Where to buy groceries?

As we have already mentioned, there are many places where you can have a great meal: restaurants, cafes, canteens… And literally in 10 meters from the building of the sanatorium Lisna Pisnia there is an impromptu market where you can buy everything from fruits, berries and vegetables to smoked fish. On the territory of Melnyky and Haivka there are also many kinds of establishments.

It is worth noting that the locals can deliver food to you anywhere around the lake. From morning until night, local grannies on bicycles with freshly baked pirozhki, chebureks and other delicacies things there. If you make a deal with them, they’ll bring you the food right into the woods, but you’ll have to pay for it. There’s also a store just inside the campsite, deep in the woods, which is open all summer. Prices there are a bit higher than usual, but there’s a wide range of things to choose from.

How to have fun?

Beach of Pisochne lake

Lake Pisochne is simply created for walking and cycling. An eco-path begins from the Lisna Pisnia sanatorium, which stretches for 5 km. In the same sanatorium, at the “Medic” recreation center, or in the village of Melnyky, there are catamarans stands, where for a reasonable fee you can take one of them for an hour and ride around the area. There you can also ask for a boat and go fishing.

Discos are held here several times a week, and local bands and visiting stars often give concerts in the sanatorium club. On the days of big holidays, for example, on Ivan Kupala (night from 6 to 7 July), a colorful ritual is held near the main beach to the accompaniment of folk chants.

Thus, Lake Pisochne is perfect for both lovers of calm and measured rest, and fans of active entertainment. Don’t hesitate and plan an exciting trip, and 7Cars will help you with this!

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