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To the seaside by car: the best places for summer holidays in Ukraine

To the seaside by car: the best places for summer holidays in Ukraine

Yuliy Lechekhlib
Co-founder of the Company

The beach season is in full swing, and the upcoming holiday beckons with new and vivid impressions. The general desire to relax in summer for “a year in advance”, to gain strength and energy for a snowy winter, to stock up with warm memories for a rainy autumn, sends most of us to the sea – a source of health, fun and a beautiful tan. But what kind of sea to choose – Black or Azov? And most importantly, what kind of rest to prefer – all-inclusive or independent and unexpected one with a lot of unplanned stops? These years more and more Ukrainians are choosing the second option, preferring mobility to additional service. Even if you do not have your own car yet, you can always rent it: 7Cars are always ready to help you. We offer several options for sea resorts in Ukraine, which are perfect for a car trip.

Where is the best place to relax on the Black Sea?

By itself, the sea holiday can quickly make you tired and bored, so in order not to spoil the vacation, it is better to go somewhere with lots of sights and interesting places located near the beach. This is much easier by car. Often the most picturesque and clean beaches are located exactly where popular public routes do not lead.

Koblevo, Mykolaiv region

Nowadays it is one of the largest sea resorts in Ukraine, capable of accommodating up to 20,000 people at the same time. A solid recreation area seven kilometers long includes a modern water park, a famous winery, and a stunning pine forest. Getting to Koblevo is not at all difficult. The resort is located in 527.6 kilometers from Kiev. With an average consumption of gasoline in 10l / 100 km the trip will cost 1300 – 1500 UAH in one direction.


Zatoka, Odessa region

One of the warmest regions of the Black Sea coast is glad to guests all year round, but the hot season here starts from May and ends in September. Clean beaches, beautiful sea and a huge amount of water entertainment will not let you get bored. For those who prefer serious entertainment, a professional yacht club gives you the opportunity to learn windsurfing, kitesurfing. Yes, you will have to move to a secluded beach, for what you need a car. But even if your car is not yet available, you can use the services of 7Cars: our office in Odessa is always ready to help you to choose the vehicle that suits your ideas about comfort and quality.


Zheleznyy port, Kherson region

Kilometers of clean sandy beaches, gentle sea and clear air are complemented by guesthouses and hotels of different levels and prices. Everything provides a relaxing and comfortable stay. For those who come to the Zheleznyy port by car, there are endless possibilities for exciting leisure activities. For example, the local Sahara – Oleshkovskiy sands is a desert that has existed since the times of the ice age. 160 thousand hectares of sand fascinate everyone who come here for the first time. After the desert, for better contrast, visit the Askania Nova Reserve. Here you can see the most diverse representatives of the fauna in its natural habitat. A spontaneous stop along the route will help to take unusual photos on the background of zebras and deer. By car, you can get to the Zhelezny port along the Odessa highway, driving a little more than 640 km. Given the size of the average cost of such a trip (about 1,800 UAH one way), it would be advisable to rent a minivan and arrange a great vacation with friends. It will not only provide an opportunity to save some money considering the price of railway tickets, but also allow you to spend a guaranteed unforgettable weekend.

Where to go to rest on the Sea of ​​Azov

The Sea of ​​Azov is warm and affectionate. Compared to Black sea, it has shallow water, and therefore is popular for family lovers. Azov iodized air is very useful for kids. But this does not mean that, besides the shell beach, there is nothing more to visit.

Biryuchiy Island, Kherson region

Fedotova Spit in the Kherson region gave Ukraine a miniature copy of the Maldives with clear, healing water and clean sand. Located near the Azov-Sivash National Park and Lake Sivash. But the best places are always away from the center. Going on vacation by car, do not be lazy to carefully explore the surroundings. You can get to Biryuchiy Island from Kiev in 8 hours of the road, breaking 712 km.

Genichesk, Kherson region

Genichesk and Genicheskaya Gorka are the must-see places for everybody who decides to spend his holidays mobile. Pink lakes, so named because of the unique shade of water, will be remembered by exotic lovers. The clean sources of the Arabat Spit, the ancient lighthouse, the Alley of fairy tales – these are definitely worth seeing! Only 750 km from Kiev, and you are in Genichesk.

Kyrylivka, Zaporizhia region

One of the most popular resorts of the Azov Sea is distinguished by the proximity of the sea and developed infrastructure. Near the urban-type village there is a modern water park where you can have a great time with your family. Large sandy beaches, comfortable and gentle entry into the water, the lack of nearby industrial ports are the main advantages for those who make a choice for Kyrylivka. You can get to the resort from Kiev in an average of ten hours, having covered 750 kilometers by car.


Berdyansk, Zaporizhia region

The largest resort on the coast deserves special mention, thanks to its history and unique wild nature. Once the city as a trading port was erected because of the great depth of the sea in this place. Over the years, this aspect has not changed, becoming the main advantage for divers and just a rest. Berdyansk is located at a distance of 713 km from Kiev.

Planning a summer vacation, you should not exclude from the list of places of interest you would like to visit the Ukrainian resorts. Perhaps, in our country the resort policy has not been revised. However, the huge potential that is noted in each of the scenic spots of Ukraine, allows us to believe in the success of the development of domestic tourism.

The best cars for a trip to the sea

We have selected a list of cars from our fleet that will be relevant for traveling to the sea. Here you can find both economical options and more presentable and comfortable models. You can book any of these cars using the order button or by contacting our managers at the phone numbers listed above.

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