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Rest in Berdiansk: what to see, what to do and where to go

Rest in Berdiansk: what to see, what to do and where to go

Oleksandr Kabanets
Operations Manager

The coronavirus has made its own adjustments in all areas of life. Including tourism, which was hit by the virus almost the hardest. Many countries are either closed due to the pandemic or do not allow tourists to come in. However, no one canceled the vacation, and children need to relax before school. Therefore, for many Ukrainians there was a choice – to relax in the resorts of their native country, on the Black or Azov Sea.


The latter option is preferred by tourists with small children (due to the shallow coastline) and Ukrainians with a small budget. Let’s talk about one of these resorts – Berdiansk. Many tourists are attracted by the fact that prices here are significantly lower than in Odessa and its environs.

In past seasons, this city was always crowded: tourists came not only from different parts of Ukraine, but also from Russia, Belarus and other countries. But now, due to the pandemic, there are almost only Ukrainians among vacationers, and there are fewer of them than in similar periods of previous years.

You can still stop either in the city or on the sandspit. Several beaches are available to the guests of the city: First, Central, Third beach, as well as Liski.

Fun on the water

Tourists and vacationers are provided with “banana”, “puck” and scooter rides. The price of the latter starts from 350 UAH for 5 minutes with an instructor. The cost of a trip by “banana” – from 80 UAH per person.


The distinctive feature of Berdiansk leisure is riding on “pirate” ships. These are walking wooden boats, stylized as bandits and decorated with paraphernalia. The trip price is from 100 UAH (children under 7 years old are allowed on board for free). The travel takes from 40 minutes to two hours, depending on the route. You will be shown the lighthouse, the coast of Berdiansk; there will be an opportunity to see the open sea. On such a ship, you can make a round trip to the spit, seeing the entire resort town in the distance. In the evening, the ships turn into floating discos, where guests dance on the open sea under the night sky.

Another water entertainment is boating. The cost is also from 100 UAH. Boats ride tourists at high speed, sharp turns. This is a pretty extreme ride, so you shouldn’t take children under 12 years old.

Evening Berdiansk

After relaxing on the beach and swimming, guests and tourists can visit many cafes, restaurants, eateries, pizzerias. There are many food trucks on the waterfront and in parks selling sausages, burgers, fries, and baked corn. The cost of dishes in local restaurants is almost the same as in every city of Ukraine. That is, everyone can afford to eat out at least once a day.

A favorite place for evening relaxation is an amusement park with a Ferris wheel, from which the water area of ​​the Berdiansk Bay is viewed. In addition to it, there is a mirror maze, the famous Horror Hotel, quests, water attractions, as well as carousels for children.


In general, evening Berdiansk is a completely different city. During the day it is quiet, even sleepy, uncrowded, and after 7 pm it seems to wake up. And it does not sleep almost until the morning. People can be seen in almost every corner of the embankment and parks. Young people prefer night gatherings by the sea, and older people prefer summer terraces of restaurants.

Children will be delighted with visiting the zoo, the largest water park in Ukraine and a dolphinarium. There are also small private zoos on the embankment with ticket prices starting at UAH 100.

Price policy

As in previous seasons, the price of housing depends on the distance from the sea and the level of comfort. An apartment near the beach, with air conditioning, stove, washing machine and renovation will cost from 1000 UAH per day. Private sector, where rooms are with a common bathroom – from 200 UAH per person.

Also, more and more hotels appear in Berdiansk every year. In those that are located close to the sea, the price per room starts from 1500 UAH per day.

Rest on the Berdiansk sandspit is traditionally more expensive compared to the city. This is due to the fact that there is an open sea, fewer cars, no industry, therefore the air is cleaner, and the quality of vacation is slightly different. There is practically no comfortable housing for less than 1500 UAH per day.

In general, rest in Berdiansk can be safely attributed to a good option for the average Ukrainian, both for young people and for the elderly. There is no pomp or glamor here, everything is quite democratic. Only rental housing, which often accounts for more than 50% of the entire budget for holidays, can hit your pocketbook.

Perhaps the main drawback of rest in Berdiansk in recent years, as in other places on the Azov coast, is the invasion of jellyfish. Depending on the weather conditions, there are more or less of them, but ecologists advise not to hope for a serious improvement in the situation.

How to get to Berdiansk

The distance from Berdiansk to Kyiv is about 720 km, to Dnipro is about 285 km. Trains and buses always run in this direction to the resort. But if you do not want to depend on the public transport schedule, then we offer an alternative way – rent a car from 7Cars. We provide a huge selection of different classes cars, among which you will certainly find the right one for you.

Below is a small selection of our cars, in which you will feel convenient even on a long trip to the sea: comfortable station wagons, roomy minivans and reliable crossovers. And if you have not found the car you need here, go to our full catalog using the links at the top of the site or call the manager, who will definitely help you to make the right choice.

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