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Where to go to rest in September in Ukraine

Where to go to rest in September in Ukraine

Kostiantyn Sklifos
Regional manager in Odessa

Summer is leaving us, making everyone stock up on warmth and pleasant memories for a long winter. For those who still have not had time to go on vacation, the velvet season opens, which has several advantages: the weather still pleases with warmth and gentle sun, but there are fewer vacationers around, and the prices are significantly reduced. In case of proper organization of the autumn trip, belated vacation will help to improve your health and receive a lot of positive emotions.

Many Ukrainians have concluded long time ago that it’s more comfortable to go on vacation by car. This not only gives complete freedom of movement, but also allows you to get the places that are remote from the advertised tourist routes. If you need a car for rent, you can always order it at one of our company’s representative offices – in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro or Odessa. You can get the ideas of the route from our small list, which we are happy to share in this article!

The Sea of ​​Azov

If you did not have time to enjoy the seacoast in summer, then September will allow you to change it. Until the end of the first autumn month, you can go to the Sea of ​​Azov, which remains warm and gentle thanks to its shallow water. Only 750-800 km and about 11 hours of driving from the capital separate you from romantic evenings on empty beaches. The advantage of such a trip will be also the reduced prices for living compared to the summer season.



At the moment, a small coastal village is one of the most popular sea resorts in Ukraine. Endless sandy beaches, strewn with various holiday resorts, offer a wide variety of leisure options. This is the best place to focus on your pleasure, completely forgetting about everyday problems. The sun, sea, and the beach – it’s the perfect combination for an unforgettable vacation! By the way, near Kyrylivka there is a huge water park where thrill-seekers can please themselves with leisure in modern water attractions.


Arabat Spit

The second most popular holiday destination on the Azov coast. A 100 km land strip is washed by the Sea of ​​Azov on one side and by Sivash Bay on the other. This place is almost not affected by cold currents, so the water temperature remains comfortable for a long time for swimming and relaxation. Large saline reservoirs in conjunction with the steppes provide the formation of air masses that are mixed into a real healing cocktail of iodine, ozone, volatile and bromine ions.


Photo by Слава Леонтьев is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. Photo is cropped.

Lakes with a secret

Those people, who will decide to go to the lakes, will have an excellent water holiday in September too. In Ukraine, there are quite a lot of lakes (about 20 thousand), but there are some that will be especially useful for a trip.

Svityaz – silver lake

The reservoir, which is part of the Shatsky Lakes group, is located in 530 km from the capital in Volyn, near the Polish and Belarusian borders. This is a magical place full of legends. It is believed that once on the site of the lake was a city that the sky hid under the ground, protecting it from enemies. The lake is fed by artesian springs, so the water here is very clean. It is rich in silver, iodine and glycerin, which make the skin incredibly smooth and supple after bathing. Holidays in Svityaz are perfect for lovers of fishing and leisurely pacified relaxation.


Photo by Siroga Tsvyd is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Photo is cropped.

Ukrainian Dead Sea

The most saline of Solotvynsky lakes is located in 750 km from Kyiv. But if you are not happy with the prospect of spending 10 hours driving, you can use the services of our office in Lviv: this way you can reduce the distance of a car trip by 400 km. The shore and bottom of the lake are covered with healing mud, but there will be no discomfort. The density of water is so high that swimming in it resembles moving in zero gravity. Water is saturated with bromine, cesium and fluorine, which positively affect the nervous system, the condition of the skin and spine.

White – Glycerin Lake

The lake was called White due to the color of its bottom and glycerin, because of the high content of this substance in the water. Once the water from here was exported in tanks to Warsaw for the local nobility. The healing properties of the lake are complemented by a picturesque area so beautiful that a five-hour drive from Kyiv (400 km) will seem completely uncomplicated and short.


Unforgettable places for outdoor enthusiasts are popular all year round. Traveling by car from Kyiv to the Carpathians will take a little more than 8 hours (600 km). You can stay in Yaremche or Vorokhta: beautiful places, picturesque mountains and fresh air are the basis of the Carpathian holiday. There are several waterfalls, as well as hiking trails in the vicinity of these settlements, so nature lovers will definitely not be bored.


Wherever you go on an autumn vacation, Ukraine will greet you with comfort, crimson forests and warm weather. Despite the fact that many are accustomed to relax in the summer and do not pay much attention to the velvet season, the rest in the beginning of autumn in our country is definitely worth trying!

The best cars for traveling in September

To help you not get lost in the variety of rental cars, we put here some cars that are perfect for traveling in early autumn: they are universal, economical and comfortable.

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