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How to save on car rental

How to save on car rental

Anhelina Peretiatko
Operations Manager

Self-planned trips with refusal of travel services are becoming more and more popular. It’s nice to feel completely free, having the ability to make decisions without taking group’s plans into account. However, public transport is not suitable for complete independence, and daily taxi rides can make you spend a huge amount of money. Therefore, many travelers pay attention to car rental.

Even if a vacation is a time of fun and relaxation, where many people stop thinking about money, but nevertheless, reasonable savings are the basis of any wealth. And if you rent a car for a business trip, then the rational use of funds is no less important, because it is often the money of the company.

How to save on car rental

How to rent a modern, comfortable and stylish car without spending plenty of money? We offer you some tips for effective savings!

  • Timeliness. To rent a car at a better price, it is better to book it in advance. This will allow you to get a discount, as well as save you from situations when the cost of the car changes upwards during days or weeks of waiting. In addition, early booking will give you the opportunity to choose an exact car that you want. In case of rent “on the spot”, you often have to take what is available. Moreover, if you book a car for a trip abroad, then you will immediately know the list of documents required for registration, and you will manage to prepare them.
  • Properly choose the rental period. Many rental companies, including our one, reduce the cost per day for prolonged use of rental cars. In this case, it may turn out that 3 days of rental are more expensive than 4, and 9 days are more expensive than 10. Therefore, when booking a car, calculate all the options in advance: it might be more profitable to pay for an extra rental day than to rent a car exactly on that period for which it is needed.
  • Size is important. Big vehicles are not always more expensive to rent, but they need much more fuel and take lots of money. If you have not a lot of luggage with you for traveling, it is better to choose a small car.
  • Gasoline or diesel? Pay attention to diesel cars: their rental will cost more, but they need less fuel. It will be beneficial on a long journey. If you are not going to drive a lot, then, most likely, a gasoline car will be better. Try to figure out how much money you will spend on diesel or gasoline: the tables on our catalog pages, for example, car rental in Lviv and Odessa, will help you with this.
  • Two drivers are better. In any trip, the number of kilometers traveled is most valued. To be able to enjoy the views from the window, it is better to have several drivers in a car, who could replace each other as necessary. Therefore, making a rental agreement, you should write all possible drivers in it to avoid problems in case of insurance claims. At 7Cars, this option is free!
  • Insurance. Oddly enough, you can also save on this important thing. To begin with, it is worthwhile to find out from your insurance company, whether their services can be expanded to rented vehicles. If you go abroad, then insurance can be paid by you, for example, along with tourist fees. If you take out insurance in a rental company, then carefully study all the conditions to avoid unpleasant moments.
  • Payment by card. Moreover, prefer not a debit card, but a credit one. The thing is that the amount of the franchise, which is frozen in your account, depends on the type of a bank card. On a debit card, this amount is often somewhat larger than on a credit card.
  • Full tank is better. Rental companies usually require a car return with a full tank. Therefore, make sure that the car is also supplied fully refueled, so you will not overpay for its refueling later.
  • Additional services. If you need a navigator, a luggage box or a child seat in a car, then pay attention to whether the company offers such an equipment and clarify the conditions. At 7Cars, if you book a car in advance, additional equipment rental is free!
  • It’s better to ask. Choosing the right company for cooperation, carefully analyze the offers on the market and do not miss the opportunity to clarify information about discounts or promotions.
  • Careful inspection. This rule applies to any rental car. You must personally verify that a rental vehicle is fully consistent with what is written in the contract. Each unaccounted damage may later result in additional costs for you.
  • Honest return. To avoid overpayments, you must strictly follow to the rules of the rental company regarding the return of the rental car.

Thus, taking into account all the above points when renting a vehicle, you can save not only time and nerves, but also finances in any trip!

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