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Can you rent a car without driving experience?

Can you rent a car without driving experience?

Yuliy Lechekhlib
Co-founder of the Company

As soon as someone becomes a driver, getting the right to drive a car, he begins to dream of buying his own vehicle. And if it’s impossible to do it right away, many people think about renting a transport. The popularity of this service is growing, and you won’t find a driver who is against renting a stylish car, but this service is far from accessible to everyone.

The point here is not about the price (today you can rent a car at a very affordable cost), but more about the basic requirements for the driver – age and driving experience. Is it real to rent a car without experience – this is one of the most common questions from beginners to a rental company. Almost all of them are refused, for which there is a number of good reasons.

Rental requirements without a driver

Most often in rental companies, a driver from the age of 21-23 years with practical driving experience is considered as a suitable client. For example, to rent a car in 7Cars, you need to have at least two years of driving experience. At the same time, if you plan to rent a business class or premium car, this number should be at least five years. If the client does not have enough experience for the selected car, then our manager will always help to choose a similar car in the class below.

Main causes of refusal

Lack of driving experience means the driver cannot ensure the safety of rented movable property. This statement is also based on statistical data, according to which 20% of newcomers on the roads get into an accident during their first year of driving. Companies only occasionally reduce the requirements for driving experience to one year, but in such cases it will be possible to rent only an inexpensive car with an increased franchise (that is, leaving an increased security deposit in comparison with the standard one).

Too young tenant often not only does not provide the required years of official driving experience, but also does not guarantee the seriousness his intentions. As in the case of the first requirement, the age limit can be slightly reduced, but only if the franchise and rental rate will be increased.

How to rent a car without experience?

Car rental with driver

So what should you do if you do not yet meet the basic requirements of our company, but still need a car? The best option is to rent a car with a driver! In this case, you may not even have a driver’s license at all.

Such a service will cost a little more than a rental without a driver, but it will allow you to take advantage of all the rental benefits without having to take responsibility for the car. The 7Cars driver will himself regulate the technical condition of the car, fueling, the choice of route, and you just have to enjoy the ride. In addition, we will be able to provide a car to the point you need, whether it be the airport, train station or your home address.

So, do not despair if you do not meet any requirements for car rental. You can always contact our experts by clicking on the call back button on the left: they will advise you and offer the best solution!

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