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Unexpected situations on the road: how not to ruin an auto trip

Unexpected situations on the road: how not to ruin an auto trip

Bohdan Bohdanovych
Head of technical department

Traveling is an effective way for many of us to relieve the stress accumulated during a long monotonous work, routine life, and complex domestic issues. A change of familiar environment becomes a real salvation and a great option to spend the long-awaited vacation. Auto trips are becoming more and more popular these days, allowing you to feel the real freedom of movement, breaking any borders and limits. You get the opportunity to visit the most remote places, the most secluded corners of the countries, usually hidden from tourists. If previously such a unique opportunity was provided only to those who had their own car, now it is available to anyone, thanks to perfectly organized car rental services. However, without taking into account all the possible risks of a long car journey, any vacation can turn into a cluster of problems. In order to avoid this, it is better to consider all possible unexpected situations on the road in advance.

Financial stress


Many inexperienced travelers, going on a trip by a rented car, risk facing unforeseen costs due to their own negligence or inexperience. In order to avoid this, you should pay attention to such issues when you rent a car:

– It is better to choose a car not only in terms of prestige or comfort, but also taking into account its economic benefits. A manual transmission, combined with acceptable fuel consumption, will be an excellent option for a long journey.

– Signing a rental contract, also note the availability of full insurance, which will protect you from any trouble in case of getting into a traffic accident.

– Do not ignore the special conditions of the car rental company. Compliance with the requirements for timely car return, awareness of the presence of fines for exceeding the established daily mileage and other items of the contract will allow you to get real financial savings, returning the vehicle back.

– It is better to book the car in advance. Many car rental companies offer lower prices for this option.

– The overall travel budget also requires planning in advance. Of course, a vacation is a time to get maximum pleasure and positive impressions, so it is not necessary to put yourself in a rigid economy framework, but to spend money without any visible reasons is not necessary too.

Health preservation


Going on a trip, you should pay special attention to the state of your health and maintaining it at an optimal level. Long travel is quite a responsible event, which may lead to many unpleasant consequences in case of negligence:

– If your body cannot tolerate a long stay in the car, and you feel nausea or vomiting, the main attribute of your journey should be car sickness medicines. Modern pharmaceuticals offer a variety of options that can make hours spent in the car easier. Pills, mixtures or lollipops will come to the rescue, leveling the negative reactions of the vestibular apparatus.

– Special preparation requires a car trip with children. Fever or poisoning, the inability of the usual implementation of hygiene procedures, boredom on the road – all these situations must be thought out in advance and stock the basic set of pharmacy products, wet wipes and personal care products, as well as games.

– A complete first aid kit also could be used by adult participants of a trip. There should be solutions for any sudden ailments, from food poisoning to blood pressure problems.


Ensuring security


Financial and health maintenance are important, but not only they are the basis for a successful holiday. Well organized and selected car equipment will help to avoid many troubles during an auto trip:

– Having a GPS navigator will help you not to get lost on the road and make the most optimal route in terms of safety and attractiveness.

– Equipping the car with ABSE automatic braking system will insure against slippery roads or failure to observe safe distances among road users.

– Spare parts, repair kit, battery-powered flashlight will help to get out of an unpleasant situation with a punctured wheel or broken spark plugs.

– It is not necessary to organize long journeys with no stops. It is better to think about the route in advance, which will include a night at the hotel, or to take a comfortable tent in the trunk – a driver necessarily needs a rest from the road and the stress associated with driving.

Any car adventure is a careful planning, taking into account all possible nuances. However, if you organize everything properly, you trip can become an unforgettable experience, which bring you first-class emotions and warm memories.

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