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Carsharing or car rental: what to choose? Comparison of services

Carsharing or car rental: what to choose? Comparison of services

Viktoriia Ishchenko

The lack of own automobile transport for a modern person is not a problem anymore. The widespread use of rental services has led to the fact that drivers do not always think about purchasing their own car, preferring to use the services of renting a vehicle. Such a service is super convenient and saves a lot of time. Furthermore, it also eliminates problems with repairing and maintaining a car, as well as the need to have an equipped parking space.

In addition, contacting a rental company means the availability of a suitable car, quality service and many additional services (instant retrofitting, driver services, and assistance in organizing a route). Rental companies are adapted to the needs of customers and can offer long-term or short-term services, with their own conditions and benefits.

Short-term rental, or car sharing, has appeared relatively recently, and it is considered a progressive service. Unlike classic rental, which is paid daily or hourly, car sharing is an automated rental with per-minute payment that helps to get from point A to point B.

How does car sharing work? Rental cars with keys in the ignition switch are parked throughout the city. You just need to determine the location of the car closest to you, book it and get to the car. It is easy to find it – the mobile app accurately indicates the parking location on the map. In addition, many companies supplement their maps with a “blink” button, by clicking on which you will quickly find rental vehicles by hazard warning lights. The service is provided from the moment you press the start button in the mobile app.

Car sharing benefits

Car sharing

  • No need to visit the office and do all the paperwork. Everything is decided online and paid strictly for the time during which you use a car.
  • The second advantage comes from the first – online registration and processing of the service allows you to use it at almost any time of the day. Ordering a classic rental is only possible during the working hours of the rental company.
  • You do not need to worry about finding a pick-up point or delivering a car to your address. When you need transport, you simply select the one closest to you, move on it and then leave it at the parking point. This service is an excellent alternative to taxis; the only difference is that with a short-term rental you are your personal driver.
  • The possibility of a differentiated payment for the service in accordance with the selected tariff. Almost every car sharing service offers its own gradation according to the technical and external condition of the car. In the presence of external damage, you just need to send a photo via a mobile app or email. You are not liable for damage caused by a previous driver.
  • You do not waste time warming up the car. The function of preliminary ordering allows not only to book the nearest vehicle for you, but also to start the engine operation in a remote mode in a timely manner.

Every car driver with at least a small driving experience can use the car sharing service (different companies require three to five years of driving experience). If you are already 21 years old, and you have a driver’s license, just install the mobile application and enjoy the rental service.

Planning to use car sharing, it is better to first visit the site of the rental company and study all the conditions of the provided service. Registering in the mobile application, you will need to enter your personal data and add a bank card for further payment.

Car rental benefits

Car rental

Despite the increasing prevalence of carsharing, the popularity of classic car rental does not decrease at all, but rather is constantly growing. 7Cars Company explains this with the following benefits.

  • You always have a choice, unlike car sharing service. Instead of a car located nearby, you can choose the brand and model that seem the most comfortable, affordable and suitable for your current tasks.
  • Having a rental car means that the vehicle is available at any convenient time. In the case of car sharing, the car class you need may not be available, or a quicker driver can pick it up.
  • Large rental companies provide tenants with round-the-clock telephone support.
  • Many find a formal contract with a rental company more reliable than the one executed through the Internet. Before deciding to rent a car, you have an opportunity to carefully inspect or test it, as well as to monitor any damage fixation in a statement of transfer and acceptance.
  • Car rental according to standard rules implies full technical maintenance of a car by specialists of a rental company. You always get a working car with a refilled tank.
  • If necessary, you can rent a car with a driver, and supplement the selected vehicle model with the necessary gadgets or a child seat. Car sharing in this regard is too standardized: you will have to use the transport that “lies at hand”, without the possibility of changing the configuration.

What service is better to use?

Making a decision about the need for a particular rental service, you need to take into account the specifics of the future use of the car. If you need a vehicle “here and now”, only for a one-time movement between several places, then it is faster and more profitable to use car sharing. If we are talking about a more long-term rental (for a day or more), then it will be more rational to use the classic option. Also consider other factors: do you need additional options for a car, such as a roof rack or a navigator? Is it necessary to choose the model, class, capacity of the vehicle in your situation? If you answered these questions positively, then choose the traditional rental.

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