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Rented cars top charts

Rented cars top charts

Yuliy Lechekhlib
Co-founder of the Company

Growing demand for car rental services in Ukraine makes miracle: this market segment recovered from the post-crisis “knockdown” quite quickly and during 2016 showed steady growth. There are many reasons for this.

Fellow-countrymen had a good time to try the service and appreciate all its benefits. In recent years, we have seen fierce competition among companies that provide car rental services without or with a driver. As a result, the price is constantly falling and the level of service provided is growing. It is not only about service – large reputable rental companies in this regard can compete with many European colleagues. Another important aspect is an impressive range of car rental in Kiev.

Serious rental companies have a solid fleet of cars. The client is free to choose from off-road vehicle to minivan, from respectable limousine to unpretentious “workhorse”. Each class already has steady client preferences. Let’s look at these fashion trends.

Economy class: Hyundai Accent

The leader of preferences in the budget segment of car rental in Kiev is Hyundai Accent with automatic transmission. This choice is explained simply: cheap, but good. The rental cost of this quite good and unpretentious car, equipped with air conditioning, starts just from $ 25 per day. People prefer this Korean vehicle because it is as a temporary replacement of working car, as well as a providing transport for employees, who at the moment require maximum mobility.

Rental of Chevrolet Aveo goes after Hyundai – also with automatic transmission. The cost of a daily rent is even lower, but it loses to Hyundai in comfort.

The third place is surely taken by Lanos. It’s mainly due to the lowest price for this car rental: only from $ 15 per day.

Middle class: Corolla leads

Toyota Corolla confidently leads in the middle class of car rental without a driver in Kiev. Reliable and comfortable sedan, whose services per day will cost almost like renting an economy class car. Moreover, it is obviously more comfortable. By the way, in this case a client prefers a classic manual transmission.

Hyundai Elantra is a serious competition for a cheap Corolla in the middle segment. It is a perfect option by the formula “price/quality”. Mobile, economical, comfortable and externally representative “Korean” is appreciated by many customers.

Business class: Camry as a classic

The business segment preferences are more difficult to understand. First of all, in this case people more often order a car with a driver rather than without. And when the client chooses a car for himself as a passenger, his tastes may vary a little.

Secondly, in this segment the price aspect is not always important anymore and the main selection criteria are determined by the rental goals. Most often it is representativeness or comfort.

Toyota Camry is held the palm of victory among such rented cars. The Japanese vehicle combines external graceful representativeness with comfort, which can already be called luxury. Classic design, leather interior, hatch, climate control, automatic transmission, the price per day from only 38 $ – is it expensive for a “classic genre”?

However, the Mercedes E220 is also quite popular in this segment. It’s a car for those whose taste is refined, and the material capabilities allow to satisfy it.

This is the top charts of customer preferences by the end of 2016. Their changes will depend on the offers of rental companies and the situation in the car rental market in Ukraine as a whole.

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