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Rent minibuses and minivans in Odessa

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The reasons to rent a minivan in Odessa

Many residents of the city have passenger cars, but only the small part of them own minibuses. Meanwhile, the need for such a transport occurs quite often. The most common situations are:

  • outdoor recreation outside the city with friends;
  • team members delivery to a corporate event or a conference;
  • transportation of guests to celebrate a solemn event;
  • guided tour of Odessa for a group of people.
Minibus rental in Odessa

The main feature of minibuses is their capacity. Ordering a minivan at affordable prices, you can provide transportation services for seven or more people – it depends on the car model and brand. These cars are also suitable for carrying baggage. For example, you can rent a minivan if you need to move from the flat to a country house for summer.

You can also rent a minibus with a driver. Then during the trip you will not need to watch the road, you will be able to completely relax and calmly communicate with your fellow travelers. Our drivers have a great work experience; they know the city and the region well.

Rental prices for minibuses

Rental price depends on how long you are going to use a minivan and what car brand and model you will choose. You can make a request on the website online or by calling our consultants.

Please note that when renting without a driver, you will also need to spend money on fuel. Average prices for Odessa gas stations, which are regularly updated, are presented in the table below.

Average prices on gas stations on 16.05.2022 (Odessa)

Average price (UAH) 31.4929.1928.2127.1926.5928.0931.3211.29
Approximate price of 100km route (UAH) 251.92233.52225.68217.52212.72224.72250.5690.32

Our minivans consume an average of 8 liters of fuel for every 100 km of run. However, traveling around the city, the number may increase slightly, and vice versa on the highway – become lower.

Rent a minivan in Odessa

All minibuses from the 7Cars fleet are in an excellent technical condition, with a small mileage. They regularly undergo preventive inspection and maintenance.

Any questions? Click the button on the left to request a callback. 7Cars specialists are always glad to help you!

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