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Rent of cars with autogas system

Rent of cars with autogas system

Bohdan Bohdanovych
Head of technical department

Rental of a car with autogas system is the most advantageous way of traveling within the capital. You get the same conveniences as in cars with petrol engine and pay for the fuel half as much. It is reasonable economy, as gas has only benefits without any restrictions in comfort or safety. If desired, you can cross over to petrol by simply switching the system.

What does the rental of cars with autogas system give?

  • Financial benefits. We rent out cars with autogas system (Kyiv) to make you cooperation with our company even more profitable. Pay less – drive more!
  • Security. Autogas system of 4th generation is installed in cars of the 7Cars fleet. It is safe and legal equipment. All cars are in perfect technical state.
  • Choice. If you want to draw petrol – you are welcome! Switch the system and change the fuel type.
  • Easy to refill. There are many gas stations in Kiev and almost each of them has propane.
  • Two tanks in one car. You rent a car with two tanks – for petrol and propane. If both are filled, you can no longer worry about the problem of fuel lack.

7Cars is a car rental company, for which the interests of clients are number one. We do know how much the refill of a car with petrol costs and offer you the most profitable variant. Rental of cars with autogas system in Kyiv city is the best solution – you can drive as much as you want and it won’t influence your budget.

Make the right choice and rent the most profitable car!

Vehicles with autogas system available at 7Cars

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