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How to rent a car in Ukraine. Special aspects of car rental

How to rent a car in Ukraine. Special aspects of car rental

Yuliy Lechekhlib
Co-founder of the Company

The first things that any person who wants to rent a car is interested in are the rental conditions, a deposit details and the possibility of driving abroad. SevenCars has been providing rental services for 7 years with cars of various classes: from economy to executive, and now we will give answers to the most popular customer requests.

What do you need to rent a car?

First of all, the person who makes a rental agreement must be at least 21 years old, and his driving experience must be at least 2 years.

To book a car, just call us or order a call back service. You can also make a reservation on our website, write to us by e-mail or in any messenger convenient for you.

To confirm your reservation, just send us a photo of your documents: passport, identification code and driver’s license.

Before you get a car, you must sign an agreement with our company, provide the originals of the documents, make payment for the days of rental in advance and leave a deposit. After paper work, you inspect the car with our employee for defects, then this data is entered into the act of acceptance of the car. In conclusion, we take a photo fixation.

All cars of our company are insured with civil liability, as well as CASCO. When you rent a car, you get it with a full tank and a technically sound car, which our technical department checks.

Services can be paid in any way convenient for you: both in cash and by credit card.

What is a deposit and why is it needed?

A mandatory condition for singing a car rental agreement is the contribution of a sum of money, which depends on the class of the car. It is a liability limit for a car. After the rental expires, the amount is returned.

7cars also offers its customers the option of additional insurance and a five-fold reduction of deposit. This service can be used by customers whose age is over 25 years, and a driving experience is at least 5 years. The additional insurance service is valid in case of renting a car from 3 days and available for 3 classes of cars: economy, standard and business.

What to do in case of an accident?

If you get in a car accident, you are obliged to notify our company about it within 1 hour and call the police. Also, a person who signed a rental agreement must drive a car.

Can I rent a car in Ukraine and go abroad?

Our company provides a possibility of renting a car for traveling in Europe. Driving in the CIS countries is prohibited. To travel abroad on the cars of our company you need to prepare a package of documents, the cost of which is 3500 UAH. This package includes: extended CASCO for Europe, assistance, technical assistance 24/7, notarized power of attorney and a Green card. It is important to remember that such a service increases the deposit by 50 percent.

You can familiarize yourself with the car fleet and our services on the website. We will also be glad to see you at our offices. Wish you good luck on the road!

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