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How to rent a car in Kyiv (Ukraine)?

How to rent a car in Kyiv (Ukraine)?

Danylo Bezliudko
Director, founder of the company

Do you want to rental a car in Kiev easily and fast? The most diverse cars are provided for kievans’ and visitors’ of the capital: from usual cars to executive class models.

It is easy to rent car in Kiev. Moreover, rent-a-car company undertakes all main concerns. 7Cars managers will choose an appropriate car for you, figure out the possible route in advance, organize transfer and meeting at the airport, inform client about order readiness and cost of the trip. In addition, they will render informational support during the car usage – call-center works around-the-clock.

Где взять авто на прокат в Киеве

To use car rental in Kiev, you need only:

1. Passport .
2. Driving license.
3. The driving experience not less than 2 years.
4. Age above 21 years old.

The application is documented only within 20-30 minutes. The client pays for the service and leave a security deposit, after what the car can be picked up directly from the 7Cars reception. And you can order delivery to your office, home or even to the airport. Bonus from 7Cars is FREE hour of waiting at the airport! The car of the class, which you selected, is clean and technically sound when delivered.

Rent car Kiev is a comfortable moving around the capital with a minimum of your efforts. You will find a wide range of cars and the best service in the city in 7Cars company. That’s why it is easy and convenient to rent a car in 7Cars

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