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What is better: to rent a car from a company or a private owner?

What is better: to rent a car from a company or a private owner?

Danylo Bezliudko
Director, founder of the company

It is easy to rent a car in Kyiv city. You can do it at rental companies as well as from private persons longing for making a pretty penny. Car rental from a private owner is associated with more profitable deal. But is it really so? Let’s consider this “benefit” in more detail.

Features of car rental from a private person

In addition to low prices, private traders also attract tenants with such advantages:

  • no need to draw up a formal contract and other papers;
  • the ability to solve any unforeseen situations in person without involving the police.

On the other hand, car rental from an individual has a number of disadvantages.

  • Many owners do not pay enough attention to car maintenance. They are often guided by this logic: why maintain a car in perfect condition if outsiders use it?
  • In order to save money, private traders can refuse additional insurance, limiting themselves to compulsory motor liability insurance. Because of this, in an accident you may need to cover part of the costs from your pocket.
  • The choice of car from private owners is usually very limited.
  • In most cases, you cannot take a car with a driver from a private trader, order an additional equipment or use delivery to the address you need.

What do you get at rental company

Renting a car from a specialized company has some useful options that a private person is unlikely to provide you.

аренда авто в Киеве1. Rental for any time. You need to have documents and a set sum of money, and the car is yours for the required time. On the other hand, car rental from private owners is always uncertainty. You can agree with a private person upon rent for a week, but in several days he/she will need a car urgently. Insure yourself from surprises!

2. Full-scale service. Insurance, support of qualified managers, quick response to any emergency situations – only a big rental company can guarantee all that. 7Cars takes care of you and your order from the moment of submitting a request and within the whole rental period.

3. Cars of any class. 7Cars offers a wide choice of cars – from humble models for business trips to VIP cars needed for meeting of foreign partners and important guests. It is also possible to rent a bus for a wedding or a minibus for out-of-town trip.

4. Guarantees. If a car got broken down, 7Cars makes a replacement. If a car is needed for particular time, it will be delivered precisely in that time. Order a car to the airport, railway, office or to the door, and 7Cars guarantees the delivery.

As you can see, cooperation with rental company gives much more benefits. In fact, economy with a private person turns to be feigned, because car rental from a private owner in Kyiv is a risk, lack of service and absence of any guarantees.

Oder a car at 7Cars – drive good cars and receive the best service in Kyiv city!

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