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Interesting places in Western Ukraine. Where to go by rented car?

Interesting places in Western Ukraine. Where to go by rented car?

Yuliy Lechekhlib
Co-founder of the Company

For those who do not like lazy sunny beaches and sweet baklava, we offer a selection of wonderful places where you can go by rented car. Outdoor activities, fresh mountain air, fragrant forests and the clearest lakes – these are what every resident of the metropolis needs.

Travel Ukraine_West

Summer Carpathians are often mistakenly associated with a relaxing holiday in Yaremche or Truskavets. In fact, this is a variety of landscapes, activities and emotions. Discover a pristine Ukrainian color, get acquainted with traditions, and enjoy the unlimited hospitality of the inhabitants of Transcarpathia. Rented car will help you with these tasks. Do not let your trip to depend on dates and cities: follow intuition and our tips. Travel and open new horizons for yourself!

In Kvasy for wellness

More than 200 mineral springs at an altitude of 580 meters above sea level – in this place the treatment methods of the French resort of La Boerboel and the German Baden-Baden are applied. The name of this area comes from the “kvass” mineral water that flows between the mountain slopes and flows into the highest waterfall in Transcarpathia – Trufanets (36 meters). The village is located near the famous ski resort Dragobrat, so if you have a car, you can easily change your wellness vacation to active and entertaining one.

Active holidays in the Carpathians: where to go to see everything?

Mykulychyn and Tatar – low-climatic resorts near the Prut River with the best landscapes and excellent travel opportunities. If you want to see exciting waterfalls, a rented car will be useful for you more than ever:

  • Zhenetskiy Guk in Tatarovo is a one-stage 18-meter beauty;
  • The “singing” Kaplivets in Mykulychyn, which is famous for its unique sound;
  • The cascade Probiy in Yaremche with a 20-meter bridge, which is known for the fact that the most daring local residents jump from it for the money of tourists.

In addition to the water element, the area will show you the secrets of the stone viaducts of Vorokhta, a breathtaking view of Hoverla and the Montenegrin ridge. Lovers of architecture will not be able to drive past the sacred Hutsul temples and churches built in the 18-19 centuries. And just in a half hour drive from Mikulichin and Tatarov you will reach the Bukovel ski resort – the place, where you will definitely not be allowed to get bored.

Gastronomic tourism by car

Verkhovyna village is a paradise for culinary gourmets. With such an entertainment you do not need any mountain climbing – every year in mid-July local shepherds hold a Carpathian cheese festival, inviting everyone to look at the work process and even join it.

With a private car you can please your family with a trip to the Krynta cheese factory – wonderful views open at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level, and a private museum will give you cheese delights.

Fish paradise is a trout farm where you can not only to eat fish, but also participate in the fishing process. In addition to trout, hospitable hosts will pamper you with traditional Hutsul banush cooked with natural cream with feta cheese and mushrooms.

Finally, in the Hutsul Brovary brewers make live beer using the best German technologies – pure spring water, malt from Bavaria and spicy Ukrainian hops.

If you rent a car in 7Cars, you can learn the Ukrainian Carpathians from a completely new perspective, and maybe not from one. A variety of landscapes, entertainment and the ability to significantly make your health better at low prices – in Ukraine you can relax your mind and body!

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