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Tips for driving a car in Ukraine

Tips for driving a car in Ukraine

If you are going to travel by car in Ukraine, then your trip will surely be pleasant and quite comfortable. Nevertheless, it is better to know about the nuances of the East European roads in advance. Many foreign travel agencies warn their costumers, who are going to spend their holidays in our country, about this.

There could be a lot of surprises: starting from the state of the roads, and ending with the bureaucratic moments connected with the temporary legalization of your vehicles in Ukraine. In order to save time on the drawing up the documents for your personal car, we recommend renting a vehicle: it is easy and convenient to get it at any of 7Cars offices.

Our company experts have prepared driving tips in Ukraine for foreigners, which will help you better navigate local roads and avoid troubles.

Documentation requirements and car rental

According to the legislation of Ukraine, to drive a car in the territory of our country, foreigners must have a driving license valid in Ukraine (Vienna Convention). In other cases, they must additionally have an international driver’s license.

In order to rent a vehicle, in addition to a driver’s license, you must provide a passport, which was used to enter the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, a driver must be at least 21 years old and to have at least two years of driving experience.

Roads: how safe is driving in Ukraine?

Roads in Ukraine

Foreign citizens should remember that the condition of our country’s roads can vary significantly depending on the area. The road surface of large cities is in relatively good condition and has clear markings. It is important to remember that driving along dividing lanes is prohibited, except of overtaking.

If we talk about roads outside the big cities, their condition is often deplorable. Despite the fact that road markings are often absent, it is better to adhere to the right side while driving and keep track of road signs. As an additional option to car rental services, our company offers a high-quality GPS navigator, which will help you to navigate the roads.

Speed ​​limits

The speed limit in Ukraine has been officially established to 50 km/h in a populated area, 90 km/h in unpopulated areas and 130 km/h on highways. Ukrainian police can stop you anywhere, so it’s best to avoid banned action. If you exceed the speed and are stopped by police officers, request a violation report.

Road etiquette

In addition to the official traffic laws, there is a number of signals that facilitate communication between drivers in Ukraine:

  • if the oncoming driver flashes your with the headlights, that means the traffic police is ahead, or you are asked to switch the headlights from the high beam to the low;
  • flashing headlights of a car behind you mean that the driver is asking to give him a way;
  • if the moving truck ahead switches a left turn signal on in combination with brake lights, this is a warning that it is impossible to overtake, as there is a vehicle in the oncoming lane. And vice versa, the right turn signal plus brake lights mean the road ahead is clear;
  • a warning light means either an apology or thanks to you.

On the roads of Ukraine, be ready for the fact that not all drivers follow the traffic rules and show courtesy. Sometimes it’s better to miss a particularly desperate “racer” to prevent an emergency.


If you become a participant in a traffic accident, then do not panic. In order to get out of this situation with minimal losses, it is enough to follow a few simple rules:

  • do not change the position of the car unless it creates additional emergencies;
  • switch on the emergency light, set an emergency stop sign or flashing red lantern for road safety, but no closer than 20 m to the vehicle in settlements and 40 m outside them;
  • be sure to call the police;
  • if you are driving a rented car, you should inform the rental company within half an hour after the accident. You will surely receive help and be contacted with an insurance agent.

Drivers and pedestrians

Drivers and pedestrians
Ukrainian roads cannot always show high-quality marking. Therefore, in populated areas it is better to pay attention to pedestrians, who sometimes can cross the road in the most unexpected places. You should also pay attention to suspicious drivers, because fraud on the road is not so rare. In addition, in unfamiliar areas, it is better to avoid random passengers who are thumbing a ride.

According to numerous reviews of foreign travelers, the best way to travel around an unfamiliar country is with a rented car. This not only saves you from to going through the car registration procedure, but also provides additional information support, provides assistance in the case breakdown and resolves issues in the possible accidents.

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