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    Izyumska str., 5А
    Airport "Lviv"
    Bazarna str., 51/53
    Airport "Dnipro"
    1$ = 27,0 uah
    from 8:00AM till 8:00PM
    Economy from 15$ to 45$
    Middle from 25$ to 70$
    Business from 35$ to 90$
    Premium from 85$ to 600$
    SUV from 36$ to 500$
    Minivan from 33$ to 280$
    Economy from 15$ to 45$
    Middle from 25$ to 70$
    Business from 35$ to 90$
    Premium from 85$ to 600$
    SUV from 36$ to 500$
    Minivan from 33$ to 280$

    Бронирование автомобиля


    Drawing Up a Car Rental Agreement

    Drawing Up a Car Rental Agreement: Major Points and Nuances

    Many people want to have a car at their disposal any time but are not willing to incur expenses associated with repairs and insurance or worry about a parking lot. It’s possible now! There are numerous companies out there offering car rental services in Kyiv. 7Cars is one of them.

    About 7Cars

    7Cars auto rental company offers its clients the lease of cars of different classes and capacity as well as buses with or without a driver – daily or on a long-term basis (unlimited time period).

    Additionally, the company invites car owners to be its partners: you can submit your car for lease to earn money.

    On our company’s website, you will find a car rental agreement comprising a lot of items and nuances. Committed to keeping fair relations with our clients, we provide below the explanation of major points to consider when signing a car rental agreement.

    Car Rental Deposit

    Deposit is one of the pitfalls one may face during the car rental process. Actually, you cannot hire a car without making a deposit. So anyone hiring an auto should deposit their own money.Аренда авто, как составить договор 7Cars

    Our agreement stipulates some cases when the money can be retained or only a part of the deposit is returned:

    Possible Frauds on the Car Rental Market

    If you are going to hire a car, make sure you are aware of the most popular fraud schemes used by dishonest car rental companies. Let’s take a look at what we used to hear from clients of other topical businesses.

    Cheating with defects and breakdowns that you failed to reveal at the moment of accepting a leased car. Sometimes, you can be forced to hurry up with the inspection and finding out already available defects. This is a kind of practice intentionally aimed at making you overlook some scratches, dents or chips present on the body. However, they will be revealed at return, so the responsibility for repairs will be shifted on you. To avoid this kind of situation, never care about appeals to hurry up. Take pictures of the auto from different sides, read carefully all relevant terms and conditions, ask questions if something’s unclear and then enjoy driving a comfortable car!

    Rights and Liabilitie

    The car rental agreement gives you the following rights:Прокат авто в Киеве SevenCars

    1.  You may use the car 24 hours a day, but within Ukraine only. Maximum daily distance is 350 km.
    2. Transferring the auto to a third party who is not a signee of the agreement is forbidden.
    3. You may cancel your car rental any time.

    As a lessee, you must:

    Lessor has rights to:

    1. Receive indemnification of losses from the lessee;
    2. Terminate the agreement at their sole discretion and recover the car, if the lessee violates car use guidelines;
    3.  Refuse the agreement renewal to the lessee.

    Lessor is obliged to:

    As you can see, major risks are caused primarily by either carelessness in the process of selecting a car and signing an agreement on the part of a client or an irresponsible and fraudulent attitude on the part of a car rental company.

    To avoid problems, we recommend to work with proven and trustworthy companies only. 7CARS’s clients are totally protected against the abovementioned hazards.

    Once contacted us, you will get a comprehensive expert consultation on any questions regarding our rental agreement and care selection. 7CARS considers its clients as valuable and respected friends, so we are committed to building transparent relations and sharing all relevant information.

    According to our clients, 7CARS is the best car rental company in Kyiv!

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