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Car rental in Spain

Unique, expressive, bright, energetic – all this is the beautiful Spain that everyone dreams to visit. This country is famous for its hot bullfighting, endless dancing, perfect beaches and incredible architecture. However, it is not tourist cities that allow you to truly touch the culture of “hot blood”, but picturesque villages with native citizens.

For visiting the non-tourist side of Spain, travelers use car rental services. 7Cars will tell you how to rent a car safely without overpayments, share advice on driving in Spain, and guide you through the most amazing parts of this country.

Rent cars in Spain easily and cheaply

We recommend ordering cars in Spain from our partners – Rentalcars company. Click on the button below to go to the booking form.

How to book a car for holiday in Spain?

At the top of this page, you will find a car booking form from Rentalcars. When you fill it out, you will see a page with many offers from the biggest brands in the car rental industry, which will help you find everything from SUV to convertible.

Before renting a car, we recommend you to look at our advice on booking transport abroad:

  • if you want to save money on renting and choose a good car, then book the car online in advance. Also note that when you make a reservation through our website, you pay in UAH without overpaying for the conversion;
  • the longer the rental period is, the lower its cost will be. For example, renting for 6 days may cost the same as for a week.

How to rent a car in Spain?

The requirements for car rental in this country are simple:

  • the driver must be over 21 years of age. Some rental companies raise the age limit to 23 years. Also remember that you can rent a car with an engine over 1.9 liters only if you are already 25 years old;
  • the minimum driving experience is 1 year;
  • you must have an international driving license. A national driving license may also be suitable if the main information is duplicated in English.

In addition to the license, you will need the following documents:

  • a passport;
  • an online booking payment voucher;
  • a credit card in the name of the main driver to block the deposit.

Driving tips: what to know to drive in Spain

If you are going to rent a car for travelling, you should familiarize yourself with the traffic regulations of the country of your destination. Spain has its own nuances on the road that you need to learn exactly so you don’t have to pay a fine:

  • speed is 50 km/h within the city, 80 km/h outside the city and 120 km/h on highways. Fine for non-compliance with this rule is from 200 to 500 euros and even more;
  • everyone in a car must wear seat belts. Fine for non-compliance with this rule is 200 euros and more;
  • children who are under 135 cm tall must drive in a car seat. Fine for non-compliance is 200 euros or more;
  • you cannot talk on the phone while driving a car even with the handsfree system;
  • you must not drive a car with your flip-flops on;
  • minimum alcohol content in the driver’s blood is allowed in Spain, but it is better not to drive in such condition. If you are stopped by a police officer with a suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, do not refuse to take an alcohol sample, otherwise you may pay a fine of EUR 1000;
  • you should only use low beam at night, in bad weather or in tunnels.

How to rent a car without a franchise in Spain?

In most cases, you can rent a car without a deposit by ordering a full car protection package from Rentalcars. Please note that renting a car will become considerably more expensive, but in case of an accident, Rentalcars will pay all costs not covered by insurance.

You can also rent a car in Spain without deposit from local car rental companies. They can be easily found in the central streets of cities. However, their service leaves much to be desired: high prices, not very good quality cars. If you want to find good transport, be ready to spend a lot of time. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to look for a car in advance and order it online from a reliable company.

Where can I get a car?

When booking a vehicle for holidays, you need to specify where you want to get a car. Most of the time, tourists choose an airport, because it is the most convenient option: you fly in, arrange a car at the rental counter and immediately drive your own transport. You can also pick up your car in the city center (for example, at the railway station) or at the rental company’s office.

Where to go on a rented car in Spain?

We are not going to tell you about famous landmarks and big cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia. Our recommendations are unusual non-tourist places with beautiful Spanish nature and architecture.

Castillo de Colomares (Malaga)

For the 500th anniversary of Columbus, a chic castle was built, mixing Byzantine, Moorish, Romanesque and Gothic styles with Spanish architectural traditions. You will find it in 29 kilometers from Malaga. The castle is designed like a ship in honor of a world-famous seafarer. Santa Isabel de Ungria in Colomares is also located here. This is the smallest chapel in the world, which is less than two square meters in size.

Caves of Cuevos de Nerja (Malaga)

If you want to see the place where people lived as early as 25 thousand years BC, then you should go to the Cuevos de Nerja caves, which are located in an hour from Malaga. There are several halls where various events (like music and dance festivals or opera concerts) are held from time to time.


This port city, 20 km from Salou, will introduce you to the history of northeastern Spain. Tarragona is an open-air museum that is one of the most important archaeological sites in Spain. Here you will see the ancient Roman ruins that are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Roman amphitheater located here is one of the most impressive ancient structures, which was built on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Tabarka island

If you have a holiday in Alicante, then you definitely should take the opportunity to visit the island of Tabarka, which is located just in 10 km from the coast. This is one of the best places for diving and snorkeling as the seabed around the island is a nature reserve. The island is also considered one of the best places for gastronomic tourism.


This city is as great as Barcelona or Madrid. There are also a large number of historical monuments and beautiful sights here. You can get this place very easy: the distance from Lloret de Mar is only 30 km, and from Barcelona – about 100 km. During the Middle Ages, Girona was one of the most successful and important places in the Mediterranean. There is a big advantage for tourists with a rented car: Girona has free municipal parking with lots of free spaces.

The list of unique and completely incredible places in Spain goes on and on. But it’s better to see them once than to re-read the text and dream about this beauty. So we wish you to visit this country as fast as possible and have a great holiday!