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Car rental in Italy

If you have visited Italy once, you will start planning your next travel to this incredible country right after your return. Wherever you are, you will always have something to see and be inspired by, because Italy is an open-air museum where every corner has a story to tell.

We recommend to rent a car for making your trip flawless and productive. This means of transport will give you mobility and comfort: today you are at sea, tomorrow you drink coffee in Florence, and in a couple of hours you are eating pizza in Rome. Well, have you already imagined all of this? Then we start planning your Italian vacation. 7Cars will help you choose a budget and quality car, as well as tell you about must-see places.

Rent cars in Italy easily and cheaply

We recommend ordering cars in Italy from our partners, Rentalcars company. Click on the button below to go to the booking form.

Car rental in Italy: how to book a car

On this page, you will find a form for searching and booking vehicles from Rentalcars. This is one of the most profitable and convenient ways to book a car anywhere in the world: the aggregator offers the best prices, quality service and a large choice of cars. You just need to fill out all the necessary data, and the service will redirect you to a page with a large number of offers for every taste and budget.

Before renting a car, we recommend you to look at with our tips for booking transport abroad:

  • to save money and search for a car successfully, we recommend booking it online in advance. Making a reservation through our website, you pay for it in UAH, without overpaying for conversion;
  • try different rental options and compare prices. With an increase in the term, the cost decreases, therefore, for example, a car for 7 days may cost the same as for 6;
  • registering a car online, carefully study the “Rental Conditions” paragraph in order to know about all the requirements of the rental company.

Car rental conditions in Italy

Age. It all depends on a rental office and a car brand. You can rent a car in Italy from the age of 18, but in this case, you will have to pay an additional fee for the Young Driver service (from 15 euros per day). You can read more about this in the agreement of your car rental company, which can be found on the booking page. If you are over 25 years old, there should be no additional costs.

Driving experience. The minimum driving experience is 1 year.

Driver’s license. The safest option is to have an international license. A national driver’s license can also work if the main information is duplicated in Latin letters.

To get a rental car, you will also need the following documents:

  • a passport;
  • a voucher paid for the booking;
  • a credit card in the name of a driver to block the deposit.

How to rent a car in Italy without a deposit

If you do not want to leave a deposit and wait for it to be unblocked on a card after renting, then Rentalcars has a convenient offer for you – the “Full car protection” package. When you pay for this, you can receive a car without a deposit. Renting with this service will be more expensive, but in case of an accident, the company will pay for you.

You can also pay for full insurance without a franchise directly at the office of your rental company. However, please note that this can be more expensive than a similar service ordered online.

Driving tips: what you need to know about driving in Italy

Before renting a car in a new country, you should carefully study the features of local traffic rules.

  • In the cities of Italy, you can drive up to 50 km/h, outside the city – up to 90, on the highways – 110, and on the autobahns – 130. This speed limit is almost identical to Ukrainian, but in Italy you should strictly follow the rules, because cameras are installed on many roads. If you suddenly break the rules, it will definitely be recorded. Nobody wants to spoil a holiday with a fine. By the way, it will have to be paid in any case. Often, a fine (from 150 euros) is automatically debited from the card that you used in your rental company.
  • Regardless of the time of day, you must turn on the dipped headlights while driving. Fog lights can only be used in appropriate weather.
  • Do not risk driving drunk. Besides the fine, you may even end up in jail.
  • Be sure to fasten a belt and do not use your hands for holding a mobile phone while driving.
  • Avoid areas marked with Zona a traffico limitato (ZTL) signs. These are restricted traffic zones in Italian cities. Most often, they are located in the historical part of large cities, where there is not enough parking space. Only local residents or service vehicles are allowed to enter such an area. In some cases, entry into them is permitted only at night (notturna). Look for details under the sign. If in such a zone there is a hotel or a hostel where you are staying, then tell the details of your car at the reception and specify whether it is possible to park there.
  • Remember the markings for parking: blue marks mean paid parking (look for a parking meter nearby); white – parking is free; yellow – parking is allowed only for special vehicles.

Where can I get a car

When you book a car, you need to indicate the place of issue. Tourists often choose an airport, because this is the most convenient option: you have just already come to the country, get a car at the rental desk and immediately drove for adventures in your own transport. For some cities, other options are also available, like picking up a car in the city center (for example, at the central railway station) or at the office of a rental company.

Where to go on a rented car in Italy

Italy has an uncountable number of landmarks. Every simple street may have some historical and cultural value. You need to watch Italy in full, be imbued with its flavor and atmosphere, get to know the locals and be charged with their positivity and hospitality.

We recommend starting your acquaintance with the most famous and charming cities such as Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice, Bologna. Thanks to the well-developed air traffic, it is convenient to get here and pick up the rented transport at any airport.


There is a cozy town of Bergamo in the northeast of Milan, in the Alps. It is fenced with medieval Venetian walls, striking with majestic fortresses and cathedrals that keep the spirit of old Italy. Bergamo has a lot of beautiful architectural structures. Furthermore, it is a very calm, cozy, quiet and not overcrowded place. Como and Iseo lakes, as well as the Orobie Alps with many resorts, are located half an hour away from here.


Half an hour drive from Naples, and you will find yourself in a piece of paradise on the Amalfitana coast. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to the incredibly clear blue water, there are many picturesque towns and villages, for example, a fishing village of Positano, which descends from the slopes of the mountains in the form of terraces to the sea. Imagine driving this route in a convertible!

It is also convenient to go to the famous Pompeii and the volcano Vesuvius from here.


It’s the most convenient city in terms of logistics: an hour and a half drive, and you are already in Pisa, Venice, Verona, Milan, Florence or the capital. By the way, in the vicinity of Bologna there are also at least a dozen of the most interesting towns. However, do not rush to leave Bologna, because this is the “gastronomic capital” of Italy. Be sure to taste the real Bolognese or Tagliatelle pasta.

Largest islands

You can also enjoy delicious traditional food and wine in Sicily. This is exactly what you will not find in any region of Italy. Of course, this island is rich in various dishes from the freshest seafood: swordfish, roast squid and cuttlefish, stuffed with mackerel. Also you can try arancini – a traditional street food in the form of deep-fried rice balls with various fillings.

If you are looking for the cleanest, deepest, calm and most beautiful beaches, then you surely need to go to Sardinia. Incredible wildlife, cliffs, gorges and medieval towns will not leave anyone indifferent.

In fact, Italy doesn’t even need a must visit list, because wherever you go, everything is worth your attention. We wish you to explore as many places of this incredible country as possible. And to make it easy and comfortable, do not forget about car rental. Enjoy your stay!