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Car rental in Cyprus

Everybody falls in love with Cyprus from the first seconds of being on this island. You will feel an absolute comfort, tranquility, hospitality, contrasts here, and enjoy a wonderful climate, incredible Mediterranean beaches, and a lot of entertainment. But all of this is not about the most important thing in Cyprus. This small country is famous for its incredible history: the fertile lands of the island attracted people back in the Neolithic era; it was once visited by Persians, Egyptians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Franks, Venetians, Turks, Englishmen, and they all made their small contribution to the formation of an incredible culture. Cyprus can be confidently called a cosmopolitan country with a huge number of historical attractions.

Today, the island is no less popular: tourists from all over the world come to get to know it. Many travellers recognise car rental as the most convenient and budget-friendly way to travel. We at 7Cars confirm this. With your own transport, your journey will become much more interesting and comfortable.

Rent cars in Cyprus easily and cheaply

We recommend ordering cars in Cyprus from our partners – Rentalcars company. Click on the button below to go to the booking form.

How to book a car for your holiday in Cyprus?

On our website, you can use the form for searching and booking cars from the Rentalcars service. It contains the leading brands of the car rental industry with a variety of offers for every taste and budget.

If you decide to rent a car, then first we recommend you to see our tips for booking transport:

  • book a car online in advance. There will be much more offers, and you will be able to save money. Moreover, when you make a reservation through our website, you pay for the service in UAH, without overpaying for conversion;
  • keep in mind that the longer the rental period is, the lower its cost will be. For example, a 7-day rental at a price may be the same as a 6-day rental.

Please note! You can’t rent a car in Northern Cyprus through the form, as it is a partially recognized state, and ordering a car online here is difficult due to legal problems.

What should I do for renting a car in Cyprus?

The first thing you have to pay attention to is age. Different rental companies have different conditions. Some of them may give a car to drivers who are over the age of 21, others – to drivers who are over the age of 25. Driving experience is also taken into account. The minimum threshold varies from 1 to 3 years.

To get a car in Cyprus, you will need the following documents:

  • the passport;
  • driver’s license (international one is not necessary. You can use the Ukrainian license, the main thing is that your first and last name should be written in Latin letters);
  • voucher for online booking payment;
  • credit card with the name of the main driver to block the deposit.

Driving tips: what you need to know for driving in Cyprus

  • There is left-hand traffic in Cyprus, so you will drive a right-hand drive car. We recommend you to rent a car with an automatic transmission to avoid any difficulties.
  • If you are planning to go to the mountains, then book a transport with a powerful engine from 1.6 liters.
  • Gas stations are rarely met on the island, so always fill your tank as much as possible.
  • Speed ​​limit in the city is 50 km/h, outside the city – 65-80, on the highway – 100 km/h.
  • Although there is left-hand traffic in Cyprus, the rule of “priority to the right” also applies here. If you are crossing an unregulated intersection, then the car on the right has the priority.
  • Instead of signs, there are often inscriptions on the asphalt. It can be, for example, “Give way” or “STOP”.
  • Follow safe driving rules. The amounts of fines in Cyprus are quite high: if the driver or passenger is not wearing a seat belt, the fine will be 85 euros; for talking on the phone with hands while driving – 85 euros; for driving drunk – 200 euros.
  • Children under 12 years old and shorter than 150 cm must be in a car seat. For non-compliance with this rule, the fine will be 85 euros.
  • Park only in the direction of movement. Otherwise, the fine will be € 85. Also, never use parking for disabled people if you do not have an appropriate certificate – you can get a fine of 1200 euros. A double yellow line on the road means a parking lot for company cars.

How to rent a car without a franchise in Cyprus?

If the amount of the franchise is too big for you, then you can change it by ordering full protection from Rentalcars. The rent will cost you more, but you will not need to pay a deposit: in case of an accident, the company will pay for insurance instead of you.

You can also rent a car without a deposit from local rental companies. Such companies are quite easy to find on the central streets of cities. However, there are some disadvantages in their service: high prices, not very good quality cars and service. To find a worthy transport, you need to pay more and spend a lot of time. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to start looking for a car in advance and order it online.

Where can I get a car in Cyprus?

Wherever your trip takes place – in vibrant Limassol or picturesque Nicosia – the first place you visit in Cyprus will be the airport. Most tourists arrive at Larnaca or Paphos airport. Therefore, it is convenient to order the delivery of your rented car to this place. You can do it during the online booking process. At the exit from the arrival hall, rental company employee will meet you with a sign, or you will need to go to the car rental counter by yourself.

Where to go with your rented car in Cyprus?

Bath of Aphrodite

In 48 km from Paphos, the Chrysochou Bay was formed, where, according to ancient legends, Aphrodite spent her evenings with her beloved Adonis. The bath is surrounded by vegetation and limestone rock. The water temperature here is always low due to underground springs, which do not allow it to warm up. The depth of the bath is about half a meter, and its diameter is about 5 m. This place is definitely worth your attention, because it is believed that anyone who swims here will be healthy and beautiful for many years.

Ayia Napa monastery

Cyprus is a treasure trove of religious landmarks. A large number of interesting places for believers are concentrated in this country. Pilgrims and ordinary tourists love to visit the Ayia Napa monastery, from which the history of a small fishing village began. The monastery is located in the very center of this popular resort.

The history of the monastery dates back to the 14th century: once hunters discovered a cave in a dense forest, where they found an ancient icon of the Mother of God. Since then, a church has appeared in this place, and two centuries later it became a monastery. The most valuable shrine of this place is the curtain that Saint Veronica gave to the Saviour during his march on Calvary.

Fig Three Bay

If you love figs and diving, drive to Fig Tree Bay in Protaras. Named after the fig tree that once adorned the area, this cove is still home to an incredible amount of these delicious fruits. Moreover, there is the purest water with a rich underwater world and mysterious sea caves.

Cyprus is an incredible country that can be explored for years. Car rental will make this process a little faster and more enjoyable. We wish you a wonderful journey and a successful exploration of the island of the Goddess of Love and Beauty!