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Car Rental Franchise

Car Rental Franchise

Danylo Bezliudko
Director, founder of the company

Car Rental Franchise

Franchise is a term widely used by insurance companies. However, not all drivers who want to hire a car understand its essence well. Abroad, this practice has been successfully used for years. Many companies use this method to avoid possible risks if an accident occurs. It is also beneficial for drivers as they do not have to pay the full repair cost if the rented car has been damaged.

Simply put, franchise is a client’s liability limit effective during the rental period. This is the amount that the insurance company will not indemnify if an accident occurs. This is an effective and proven tool providing additional financial protection to both car rental providers and their customers. In fact, it’s very simple. If a repair costs, for example, 2000 euro, and the franchise is 1000 euro, the difference is to be paid by the insurance company. Once hired a car, the client may rest assured they will not have to incur extra expenses. However, this kind of insurance may have some limitations too. For example if an auto has been damaged when a driver was under the influence of alcohol or failed to inform the lessor within one hour after the accident.

How to Make Car Rental Franchise Lower?

Car rental deposit is always made before the hire starts. You can buy optional additional insurance provided that the rental period is more that 3 days. Its advantage consists in 5 times lower liability whenever an accident occurs. Also, you will have additional protection against extra penalties applied in case of theft or total destruction of the car. More information is available on https://7cars.com.ua/usloviya-strahovaniya-avto/

Many drivers have heard of a so called ‘zero franchise’. In fact, this is the same extended insurance, which, in most cases, is already included into rental tariffs. In this case, the client can have no worries about extra expenses. The insurance company will indemnify for all losses, no matter how big they may be. That said, the price of the zero franchise varies. In certain cases, companies offer discounts for this kind of insurance, which is highly advantageous for clients.

7Cars Car Rental in Kyiv: Cost-Efficient, Safe and Reliable

Are you going to hire a car featuring a presentable look and high level of comfort in Kyiv? 7Cars company is here to help you! All clients are provided with the most beneficial daily rent conditions for modern autos. If you do not want to drive a vehicle by yourself, rental with a driver would be an optimum solution. Also, you can select a suitable car or bus without a driver.

By choosing 7Cars company’s services, you receive the following benefits:

  • 24/7 driver support on the road;
  • competitive pricing;
  • minimum document set and paperwork;
  • convenient payment methods;
  • wide range of autos of different classes and capacity;
  • the client receives their car the same day they apply;
  • all cars are provided with full insurance.

7Cars company always stands by you to make your moving about Kyiv fast and comfortable. Now, hiring a car at lucrative prices is easy as never before! Don’t hesitate to contact us, as we are the most reliable and trustworthy auto rental in the city!

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