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Early booking

Discounts for early car booking

Preparing for an upcoming trip, event, journey, or business trip is not only about booking a hotel room, packing suitcases, or thinking up an itinerary. 7Cars offers a pre-booking service. This is a great opportunity to pay for the rented car with a significant discount. Such foresight will not only save you a lot of stress on the traveling eve, but also money!

Seeking for lower prices is normal and commendable practice for every customer. The hardest part, however, is finding a quality product for a reasonable price. Early booking is the best way to get a cheap car rental in Kyiv with full preservation of first class quality of the provided service. When you make a reservation in advance you get the most favorable prices for rented cars in Ukraine.

Advantages of early booking at 7Cars

  1. Saving up to 15% (!) of the total car rent cost.
  2. Opportunity to choose the car you need. By booking a car in advance you get rid of the risk that the car class suitable for you is already in someone else’s hands.
  3. Calmness and confidence – the car is already booked, no need to worry about that!

European practice to pay for services in advance is now fully working in our company too – 7Cars is trying to satisfy our clients needs as much as possible. Book quickly and reliably not only restaurant tables or hotel rooms, but also cars!

How to book a car at a discount

Making a car reservation in advance is very easy:

  1. choose the car you like among the extensive 7Cars fleet;
  2. depending on rental terms and type our manager will calculate your discount;
  3. note that the order is issued not less than 1 month before the rental anticipated start date;
  4. 100% of the rental cost is paid at booking time;
  5. in case of cancellation, the penalty for cancellation is 30% of the amount paid;
  6. you book a specific car, but the company has the right to change a car model, while remaining within the costumer’s wishes and the selected car class.

Early car booking is available in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Dnipro. Each of our offices has a pleasant service, a large selection of vehicles and a variety of rental offers. 7Cars is not only about first-class cars and service, but also about good deals to save time and money! Looking forward to your requests!