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Test drive the car before renting

Take a car for a ride before you rent it!

We always treat our customers with loyalty and trust. And we want to do our job as good as possible. That is why we offer all our clients to drive any car before paying for its rental.

This is relevant if you have doubts whether a car suits you or not, or you just want to test how a car rides, and in what condition its parts are.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to show the original driver’s license to our manager and ask for the service. A trip is possible with our specialist and takes up to 15 minutes. You will drive by yourself to understand that all our cars are in perfect technical condition.

You also have the opportunity to drive several cars and choose the best one. You have to come to our office for that. Our car rental fleet is quite large. 7Cars experts will help you to choose the right vehicle for you.

We love our job and take care that you are confident in your temporary iron horse!