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    In Kiev, the growing demand for rental minivans

    Dmitrii, 7cars rental manager

    In recent years, car rental in the capital shows a positive trend, as shown by recent studies. The specialists came to the conclusion that over the past year, minivans and premium line of cars showed an increase of 7 and 4 percent, respectively, compared to last year. Traditionally, many customers who apply for rent are family people. They choose a minivan, since it is this transport that provides the necessary level of comfort.

    Features of the Ukrainian rental market

    Rent a car allows you to take a car for a while, going on it on a trip. Vehicles that can be rented in Kiev are notable for their good condition, and the fleet of specialized companies is regularly updated with new cars. All this has a positive effect on the choice of customers who prefer the car rental service. Also important are favorable rates and full transparency of the agreement signed by the client.

    It should be noted that about a third of clients of rental services are represented by small companies. Due to the availability of this service, such organizations have the opportunity to do business, developing several relevant areas:

    • tourism;
    • business trips;

    No less interesting service can be for those who are going to go on a business trip. The minivan body is spacious, which allows you to comfortably accommodate a large number of employees and load all your luggage effortlessly. Rent a minivan is also relevant among those who care about their own safety. Since the car was originally designed for couples, increased attention was paid to the level of comfort and protection. It is easy to detect for anyone who decides to use the specified transport.

    Rental often allows you to replace your personal vehicle when it is being repaired. Restore nodes of cars can take a lot of time, so the service allows you to stay in the usual rhythm. In Kiev, the service is often used by guests of the capital, as well as those who have not yet had time to choose a particular car model for themselves. In such a case, the lease allows you to conduct a detailed test drive and make a decision.

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